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Ambrosia — Sweet and Fluffy Fruit Salad

In the myths of ancient Greece, ambrosia meant the food of the gods. Now, ambrosia is a variation of classic fruit salad and incredibly quick to make. The best part: it’s SO simple! Get your ingredients, combine them all together. … Continue reading

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Sweetheart Salad — A Treat for Your Valentine

Sweetheart Salad may be the most appropriately named dish for today! My aunt has been making this creamy dessert for family gatherings since I was a little girl. I asked her to share the recipe with me so I had … Continue reading

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Making Spooky Fun with Halloween Cut Out Cookies

One of my favorite memories as a child is helping my dad make cut out sugar cookies whenever a major holiday came up. He had, and still has, dozens of metal and plastic cookie cutters for almost every occasion. He … Continue reading

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Apple Crisp — Warm Up With a Gooey Dessert

You remember when I went apple picking, right? Well, I needed to do something with all of those Fuji apples! Onto recipe ideas! I’ve been a fan of apple crisp since elementary school, and making it with my newly picked … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Bars — Autumn’s Most Addicting Dessert

Pumpkin has become synonymous with fall, and since the flavor has exploded as a trend (thanks, Starbucks, with your pumpkin spice latte) it’s everywhere, so much so it’s becoming “cool” to not like pumpkin spice anything. Well, too bad! I’m … Continue reading

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Frozen Yogurt Pie — Perfect For Summer’s Last Hurrah

When discussing the subject of frozen yogurt, I bet most of you immediately think of pumping your own amount of ice cream in large bowls filled with toppings of your choice purchased by the ounce. Think again! I grew up … Continue reading

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Poke Cake — A Summer Dessert Must!

My aunt introduced me to Poke Cake a few years ago at a summer family get-together. I couldn’t get enough! The cake was sweet but not too sweet, refreshing and light, even with the pockets of yummy flavor dispersed throughout. … Continue reading

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