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Recapping my Mayo Clinic Surgery and Recovery

I’M BACK! After a much needed hiatus during and after my trip to the Mayo Clinic, I finally have the gumption to start blogging again. At least for the most part. I will admit I probably won’t be updating as … Continue reading

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Sighs & Smiles — The Ups and Downs of January

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these posts! Let’s just get right to it and not waste time. Sighs I’ve been dealing with an uncomfortable side effect from my 2016 surgery more in the past couple of … Continue reading

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Sighs & Smiles: Procedures and ER Visits

This is the first Sighs & Smiles post I’ve done in a few months! Only because I didn’t feel as if there’s been to much to report that I haven’t updated about in a normal post. But this month deserves … Continue reading

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Sighs & Smiles: Changing Times

And just like that, March is coming to a close. Crazy. I usually type out the “sighs” part of these posts first, but this time I’m going to flip it around. There’s some big news I’d like to get out … Continue reading

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Sighs & Smiles: Hoping for the Best

Welcome back to my second edition of Sighs & Smiles! I’m thinking of posting one of these at the end of each month, as long as there’s enough content to make it worth while. Here’s a brief update of this … Continue reading

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Fighting an Invisible Foe

Guest post featuring Justin McKee Following our journey to the Mayo Clinic last month, I asked Justin to write a guest post about his personal account of Crohn’s Disease and undergoing a colectomy. Here is his story. The flames of sickness … Continue reading

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Living with Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease seems to be the new “big” disease springing up in the world. Commercials for the prescription drug Humira have targeted patients; you may have heard the semi-recent news of Sam Faiers, a British TV celebrity, who announced she had … Continue reading

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