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North Carolina Vacation Pt. 2: Charlotte

I’m back for round two of my North Carolina vacation post! If you haven’t checked out Part 1, make sure to by clicking here. Justin and I said a sad goodbye to Miranda, Wilmington, and the gorgeous beach, and hopped … Continue reading

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Getting Around on Horseback

I believe there’s something about a horse that just draws you in. I’m not sure if it’s their beauty, their power, their intelligence or the emotions you can see when you look into their eyes. Horses are incredible, and though … Continue reading

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Photo Post: Hunting Before Opening Day

Since rifle season officially begins on Sunday, I thought it would be timely to do a photo post showing my latest “hunting” adventures. If you aren’t familiar with my concept of hunting, check out this post. The deer have been … Continue reading

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A Different Take on Hunting

Hunting is a pretty popular past time and hobby in Michigan, especially in the area I live. I hunt too, but not in the way you might picture. I don’t have a bow or rifle. I don’t wear camo and … Continue reading

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Wags & Whiskers: Finding a Forever Home for Furry Friends

I adore animals. I believe they add extraordinary amounts of joy and fun to life and I cannot imagine my own life without them. I grew up with rabbits and hamsters, then got a cat of my own five years … Continue reading

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Whale of a Debate

This week, a tragedy occurred at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. Dawn Brancheau, a trainer at the park, was suddenly killed during a routine performance by Tilikum, a 12,000 pound killer whale. The whale apparently dragged her under water by … Continue reading

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