About Me


My name is Karin, and I live in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan.

I’m a simple, ordinary young woman who just loves to write, and does so mostly every day to make a living.

I can assure you my blog definitely won’t be the prettiest, most popular or best written, but I can promise you it will be honest, thoughtful, opinionated and 100% me. Expect reviews, sarcasm, wit, humor, research, slang, opinions (of mine and others), rants and raves, and possibly some quirky phrases and grammatical habits I can’t seem to shake thanks to my creative writing and Associated Press past and present.

Simply put, I am a: former journalist, a blogger, singer, reader, movie fanatic, Lushie, GVSU alum, anglophile, Crohn’s fighter, Coca-Cola addict, photography enthusiast, hater of winter, cat lover.

Please feel welcome to subscribe to my blog and follow me on social media! I’d love to have you!

Special thanks to my husband, Justin, who takes many of the photos featured on this blog (including the head shot above) and who created my lovely banner.

I also need to thank my friend Laura my web master. Basically, she makes this site look much better than I could.