5 Easy Ways to Bond with Your Significant Other

While gifts, dates, and elaborate shows of love are always great ideas, this Valentine’s Day I decided to do something a little different for a post.

Who doesn’t want a better, more connected, and meaningful relationship with their significant other? I’d be willing to bet most would like that more than anything money can buy. So I created a list of ideas on how to better bond with your loved one, no matter if you’re in a new relationship, have been serious for a few years, or are in any stage of marriage!

And I’m happy to report that these suggestions have worked to improve my own connection with my husband! Without further ado, let me introduce my favorite easy ways to bond with your significant other. The first may be the most valuable.


In this day and age, we are connected to our mobile devices 24/7. It’s easy for the hours to waste away while on your phone or tablet. And don’t get me started on the notifications that seem to pop up every minute that call for your attention, interrupting what could be a meaningful moment with your partner!

Constantly looking at a screen caused an issue in my relationship with my husband before we were married, so we agreed on a rule. While we’re out to dinner, participating in an activity, or watching one of our favorite shows or movies at home, we put the phone away completely or not touch it if it’s beside us until the event is over. Sometimes there are moments where we need to check something, but we keep the time on our device as brief as possible.

This rule has really helped us feel more connected to each other and appreciate date nights more than before!

Play Games

Whether it’s old-school board games or those involving cards, choosing a simpler past-time for an activity can bring our your inner child and form memories that last you throughout your relationship. Play them at the kitchen table, on the living room floor, or snag some travel size versions to take with you to the park. Friendly competition is fun!

Justin and I enjoy Uno and Battleship most, but if we have more people to play with we’ll go for Cards Against Humanity or Dutch Blitz.

Cook Together

If the way to the heart is through the stomach, this is the perfect way to bond with your significant other! Even if it’s not an elaborate meal where a lot of prep is involved, split the steps between the two of you and work together to create a delicious dinner. I typically will chop ingredients or take care of pasta, while Justin takes care of browning and searing meat, or draining heavy pots.

This also gives both of you the opportunity to teach the other new cooking techniques, recipes, or how to use certain appliances. And I personally believe the food made together tastes better than any takeout option.

Try Something New

There’s no way some sort of bond wouldn’t happen when you both do something completely new! Sharing a first experience will bring you closer, because you associate that one thing to the other person. It’s exclusive to the two of you, and therefore can be something special you can keep within your relationship if it turns out you both enjoy the activity!

Here are some specific ideas: attend a symphony, travel to a location neither of you has explored before, visit a local museum or art gallery, volunteer for a charity you both care about, or go camping.

Hold Hands

This is probably the easiest option of my list, because you can do it whenever you’re together! Taking your significant other’s hand makes you feel close and connected more than just physically. That emotion of love happens immediately, and travels up your arm and into your heart.

This sort of touch can provide a sense of calm, assurance, joy, safety, peace, and comfort. It can even conjure the phrases “it’s okay,” and “I forgive you” after an argument. This type of innocent, physical touch can begin a bond and strengthen it.

I hope you liked my little list! I encourage you to try this out with your loved one — not just on Valentine’s Day, but throughout the year — and watch as that unspeakable connection grows!


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  1. Linda Whitehead says:

    Spot on and what a wonderful way to celebrate a holiday dedicated to love, than the ideas you have just shared. The best part is they don’t cost anything. Good job and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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