Sighs & Smiles — The Ups and Downs of January

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these posts! Let’s just get right to it and not waste time.


  • I’ve been dealing with an uncomfortable side effect from my 2016 surgery more in the past couple of months than ever before. You see, the area where they resected my small bowl has become dilated to a size that’s closer to my colon. Because of this, I tend to easily become bloated regardless of what I eat or drink. Every afternoon and through the evening, my abdomen becomes distended. It seriously looks like I’m pregnant, and it’s not pleasant. Hopefully it’s one of the things that Mayo Clinic surgeons can fix (more on that in a minute).
  • January was so long and tedious! I feel like it has lasted forever. I’m so glad it’s done! Anyone else have the same thought?
  • Bills. Especially heating bills. DTE is filled with crooks. I don’t believe for one second Justin and I used so much electricity in one month for an 800 sq. ft. apartment to get the type of bill we received. Ridiculous.
  • Justin’s grandma on his dad’s side passed away earlier in the month. I had only met her once, right before the wedding, and I’m glad I was able to before she left this Earth.


  • I’m listing the upcoming Mayo trip happening at the end of February under smiles because I’m hoping the outcome will result in a better quality of life. Right now, I have a couple of tests and a consult on the itinerary, with potential surgery on March 1. Surgery is daunting and always something to take seriously, but I need it to fix the ongoing fistula and hopefully resect that dilated section of bowel. If they notice any sign of that pelvic mass I had back in September, they’ll remove that, too. Recovery is going to suck, since they have to cut me open, but I’m hoping I won’t be out of commission for too long. I’ll be posting regularly on the trip, so make sure you follow me on my Instagram account!
  • Justin and I took a spontaneous driving day to search for snowy owls we knew were nesting near where some of my relatives live in Michigan’s Thumb. We actually saw two of them, and they were so chill. They allowed us to take many photos, some up close. I love owls! We did see a couple of bald eagles as well, but they were too far away to photograph with the lenses we had. But we still considered it successful, and we’re going to try and search for more wildlife this weekend.
  • If you missed my last post, I started my 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge, and I’m already excited to get into some new series! Books are seriously the best.

What have been your sighs and smiles for January?


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One Response to Sighs & Smiles — The Ups and Downs of January

  1. Nancy Pommerenke says:

    Sigh and also up. Beaumont appt tomorrow. Sigh for having to see another Dr. for the lumbar fusions that didn’t heal right. Up because I’m hoping this new Dr. can do something to fix the back pain, or at least put back in my stimulator without giving me a MRSA infection. And a last sigh that it will probably mean surgery.

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