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Challenge Yourself with Goodreads in 2018

You didn’t think I forgot a post about the 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge, did you? Nah, it’s been in my mind throughout this entire month but I’ve had other things I wanted to share first! Each year, the website Goodreads offers a … Continue reading

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Creamy Chicken & Rice — Customizable Comfort Food

Using a slow cooker and rice cooker — my two favorite small appliances — this weekend, I created a dish I hadn’t made before. I’m not a great cook by any means, but fortunately it was simple and turned out well enough … Continue reading

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5 Things I Love Today — Jan. 18th, 2018

Hello lovelies! It’s time for another edition of “Things I Love Today!” Most of these things revolve around two topics: eating and staying warm, because there’s not much else to do when you’re facing frigid temperatures, ice, and snow day … Continue reading

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Get Creative with Crayons

Guest post by Justin McKee We’re revisiting our childhoods this post by playing around with crayons, and incorporating our privileges as adults to mess with heat to melt them. I did this project a few years ago just for fun … Continue reading

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Using Light to Prevent Signs of Aging

I’ll be straight with you. In my teens and early 20s, I didn’t really use sunscreen. It was trendy to be tan, so I’d forgo the protection and allow myself to burn slightly, so after it faded I was left … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Wife Between Us

Here’s to trying something new with my blog in 2018! Hopefully it’s not the only new offering you’ll see this year. In my continuing desire to get more comfortable in front of the camera, I decided to record a book … Continue reading

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