2017: A Year of Increased Blessings

And here it is, my annual year in review post! Memory lane 2017 is a happier place for me, and I hope it’s the same for you. I feel like it went by shockingly quick! But I’m ready for a new leaf.

Most of the good of the year was drowned out by insufferable U.S. political garbage, terrifying natural disasters, and too many mass shootings. I got wrapped up in all of it myself, I admit, but I try to remember the positive aspects of 2017  as well as the blessings I’ve been given this year.

And there were quite a few! It’s almost as if 2017 was making up for what an awful year 2016 was. Let me recap:

After six months of being unable to work following my 2016 surgery, I started a new job in the early months. In addition to working with a fantastic group of individuals, I’ve learned so much, and continue to do so each day while having fun creating content for others to enjoy. I’m thankful for it every second I’m there, even when I’m exhausted or having a bad day.

I also got to spend a fabulous long weekend with my friend from Texas who came up to Michigan for a visit. I finally was able to show her the prettier part of the state and show her sites unlike any others in the nation.

My incredible grandma celebrated her 90th year of life, surrounded by more than 100 friends and family. It’s a milestone I’m thankful she was able to have and fully enjoy.

Then in the later part of the summer, I finally got to experience the thrill of being asked one of the most important questions in life. Justin put a ring on my finger in Ludington and we started a few tentative wedding plans.

Little did we realize we’d be officially married 3 months later! It was a big surprise for so many, but I’m so glad Justin and I tied the knot in an intimate ceremony, and I can’t wait to party it up with a real reception — hopefully this summer if possible!

And finally, only a few weeks before Christmas, Justin was offered an awesome position at a company in our area. It’s full-time, pays excellently, has great benefits, and is perfect for his graphic design, photography, and videography skills. We both are very excited, and are looking forward to finally feeling more stable in the upcoming year.

While 2017 is about to say goodbye, I’d like to thank all of you who continue to support my blog by reading my posts, even if they’ve become a little more spaced out than normal. I cannot tell you how much it means to me, and how happy it makes me when I see some engagement on my social media.

As 2018 approaches, I’d love if you could please share my blog and social media pages with your friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and anyone else you meet who may be interested in my little corner of the world!

I do plan on creating my typical survey for you to provide feedback on my blog, as well as help me cater to what you’d like to see in the future. I hope I did better with it this year. It’ll be on most of my social media pages, so make sure you follow at least one of them in order to take it! I value what you have to say and try my best to accommodate your likes without sacrificing my own. What I don’t want is for this blog to feel like work.

Here’s to an uplifting new year!


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  1. Kimberly Mendes says:

    Karin, very thankful for all the nice things that happened on your journey in 2017. Now praying and wishing you & Justin a very blessed and happy 2018. Love & hugs!

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