Stitch Fix Review — December 2017

It’s been ONE YEAR since I’ve had a Stitch Fix box! I can’t believe it! Does it seem like that long to you?

And come to find out this is my 22nd Fix! Holy crapola. That goes to show you how much I still love this company and the service it provides, and I was just as excited to get this box as I was my first box! Never fails.

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In my opinion, Stitch Fix is the easiest gift for the holidays. Seriously, all you have to do is purchase a gift card, and no longer do you have to worry about finding the right size, color, or style for that individual. It’s a no-hassle way to gift someone a personalized shopping experience that they don’t even have to leave the house for! They use the gift card to keep what they like, send back what they don’t for free, and even can exchange an item for a different size. So. Stinkin’. Easy. Purchase a Stitch Fix Gift Card – All Types for that certain someone now!

And what’s even better? That man or woman receiving the gift card can get more bang for their buck! Through the end of January, Stitch Fix is waiving its $20 styling fee for new customers! So now those newbies can try it risk-free. Perfect! Just click that link!

So onto my Fix. Because my former stylist, Kimberley, has moved on to a position in her career field, I was paired with a stylist named Sasha. I always get nervous about having a new stylist, especially because she had large shoes to fill, because I never know how much attention they will pay to my notes and Pinterest board, but I think Sasha did a good job for her first time. More on that later.

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I’m excited to show you a closer look at what I received. But first! If you’d like to see the unboxing video I filmed on Facebook Live, go here!

Lila Ryan — Liza Skinny Jean; Size 4/Petite; $98

In her note, Sasha said these jeans were an olive color, but I disagree. My eyes see more of a brown, and not exactly an attractive shade of brown, either. Upon wearing them, they are exactly like my dark wash Lila Ryan skinnies I received in my January 2016 Fix, which is a great thing. They’re comfortable beyond belief, the perfect length, and fit very well. The problem is, though, I don’t like the brown color at all, they barely work with anything I already have, and don’t like the high price tag. These are definitely going back.

Marc New York — Stellana Puffer Vest; Extra Small; $68

This vest is pretty basic, and I did like it in general. It fits well, and black goes with everything. The small details are cute, and I eventually got used to the pattern of the stitching, which my husband says reminds him of Kevlar. The zipper, however, feels poorly made and I actually have issues with it when I tried on the piece. Even though it’s a nice vest, I don’t think it’s worth the price. Back it goes.

Skies Are Blue — Maguire Elbow Patch Top; Extra Small/Petite; $58

All I need is an axe and I’m set! I’ve never worn buffalo plaid before, and I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do. It also has the cute elbow patches I love. Unfortunately, the cut of this piece does not work for me and it makes me constantly tug on it. It just isn’t comfortable to wear, even though the fabric itself is incredibly soft. I will be returning this item.

RD Style — Moana Elbow Patch Pullover; Extra Small; $64

This sweater is actually one I had pinned, so I am very happy to see it in my box! The knit of this item requires a shirt or cami underneath, and the fabric is on the softer side. I was very unsure about this top when I pulled it out of the box due to the thick seams in the front, but once I put it on I fell in love! It’s cozy, fits well, and again has the cute elbow patches. It’s also very versatile as it can pair well with jeans, leggings, scarves, and an assortment of jewelry. I am in need of another sweater, so I’m glad to say I will be keeping this!

Kensie — Lyndsey Ruffle Detail Knit Dress; Extra Small; $68

I want to like this dress more than I do, but I can’t get over the ruffles, which I keep calling bat wings. They just sort of overtake everything else when I look in the mirror, and don’t really allow for cardigans to fit nicely over the garment which would be a necessity in these cold months. The length of the dress is in the awkward length that makes me look shorter too, and that’s a problem. As you can see, I have two pictures of this dress because I want you to see it as is, and then show a way to dress it up a little with belt and colorful scarf (that I also got from Stitch Fix as a sweet gift), which I think really makes a difference. But it’s just too problematic for me to keep.

Overall Thoughts

I’ll start off with what I liked: as I said before, I believe Sasha did a good job because I could tell she customized the box as close as possible to what I had said in my note and through what I pinned. I really appreciate that, even though most pieces didn’t work out for me. That said, I will likely ask Stitch Fix to keep her as my stylist.

I don’t have much negative things to say about this Fix. My biggest “complaint” is that I would have liked to have seen more colors or patterns. It was a bit of a bland box, and winter is so dreary here I need fun pieces to counter it.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of this month’s box? Leave me comments or tell me on Facebook!


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—Photos by Justin McKee

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