We Came, We Vowed, We Married!

I’ve been keeping a secret.

Last week, Justin and I tied the knot during a simple, intimate ceremony in front of our immediate family and two of our closest friends. Surprise! It was short, sweet, and absolutely perfect.

Once the engagement took place, he and I both had the idea of a stereotypical wedding day filled with a conservative amount of pomp and circumstance with nearly a couple hundred guests after compiling a rough list. Due to our financial circumstances and the timing of the engagement, we figured we would wait two years until the big day. However, we took a hard look at that decision and changed pace, knowing we wanted to make sure the older members of our family were there for the big day since they mean so much to us. We also took into account our health. Although both of us are at a pretty stable point at the moment, we wanted to make sure we had power of attorney if something life-threatening happened in the future due to Crohn’s Disease. And honestly, we were just plain ready!

In the end we’re really glad we decided to get married in this way. Planning took about three weeks, and I can honestly say it was 99% stress free.

Now, even though the wedding has taken place, Justin and I still want to celebrate with other family members and our closest friends. God willing, we’re hoping to have a low-key gathering in the summer or fall of next year and do more of the traditional aspects of a wedding day! I mean, come on, I didn’t make those bridesmaids boxes for nothing!

We are incredibly happy and feel very blessed from the support we’ve been shown already. As for me, I’m so thankful to call Justin my husband, and I’m looking forward to married life!



— Photos by Betsy VanKlompenberg; Flowers by Patterson’s Flowers

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4 Responses to We Came, We Vowed, We Married!

  1. Nicole says:

    This makes me so happy!! I’ve been waiting to hear about it… 🙂 You look gorgeous (LOVE that hair) and so happy. Congratulations to you both – I hope we can see you in person again some day soon!!

  2. Jean Rider says:

    Congratulations Karin and Justin! So happy for you and wish you God’s richest blessings!!

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