Getting Crafty with DIY Bridesmaids Boxes

If you’ve been regularly keeping up on my blog, you’ll know I got engaged in August! Although it’ll be about two years before I walk down the aisle, I decided to jump headfirst into what planning I can do at the present time!

For me, that meant picking my bridesmaids. I’ve known for a long time who I wanted to stand by me on the biggest day of my life, and I wanted to make the moment I asked as special for them as it will be for me to have them in my wedding party. So I searched on Pinterest and found a great idea: proposal bridesmaids boxes!

I’m not skilled in the arts and crafts world, but this is a simple project I felt confident I could create without any major mishaps while customizing it to what I wanted. For these boxes, I used accents of the main colors my fiancè and I have chosen for the wedding, and two small gifts that wouldn’t break the bank to purchase. I also wanted to be conservative on weight, since I had no choice other than to ship two of the four boxes. To top it off, I wanted to adorn each one with the first initial of each girl’s names.

I picked up the wood box at Michael’s, the initial letters, paint supplies, teal crinkle paper and picture frames from Hobby Lobby, and the Essie nail polish at Ulta. The inside proposal cards were made by my crafty mom, and I wrote each message with a silver paint pen.

Sticking to a small budget was easy. It was approximately $20 to make each one, including the box, art supplies, and the gifts inside. Not too shabby, right? I feel it’s a perfect option to be not only frugal, but add a little wow factor for your special ladies. It would also be a great idea to do a mini box for a flower girl and ring bearer.

Happily, the project was incredibly easy. Painting the boxes and letters took about the longest due to allowing time for each to try and apply multiple coats. I thought each turned out pretty well, and Justin liked the idea so much, he’s planning on doing his own for his choice groomsmen!

And I’m happy to report, all of my wedding party picks have received their boxes, and they were a hit! I’m thrilled and honored they’ll all be next to me as I say “I do” and start a new life as a wife!


—Photos by Justin McKee

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