Sighs & Smiles: Procedures and ER Visits

This is the first Sighs & Smiles post I’ve done in a few months! Only because I didn’t feel as if there’s been to much to report that I haven’t updated about in a normal post. But this month deserves one, I wager. Unfortunately, though this month has wizzed by, there have been more downs than up thanks to health issues. That’s life sometimes.


  • While everyone was enjoying a long holiday weekend at the beginning of the month, I was in more pain than I’ve been in a while. After two days of dealing with it, I finally went to the ER on Labor Day. A few tests here and there between OB-GYN and gastroenterology, and they diagnosed me with a large ovarian cyst. I was skeptical, due to my Crohn’s history, but I accepted what the “experts” told me and was sent home with some pain meds and the assurance it would shrink and go away in time.
  • Fast forward a week later, and I’m out in Minnesota visiting the Mayo Clinic with my dad and future husband. I undergo my second CT scan in a week and have a consult with my doctor, who basically disputed the ER doctors from that visit — saying the mass that was found was definitely not an ovarian cyst, but a collection of fluid (measuring about 11 cm) that needed to be aspirated, and an assumption that the doctors at my home health system took a guess to simply get rid of me and not have to deal with my case. You can imagine how I felt after hearing that.
  • Therefore, my Mayo doctors decided the next step was to aspirate the mass with the guidance of an ultrasound, try to fully drain the mass, then test the fluid. Long story short, the procedure was quick, and I had wonderful nurses to distract me from what was happening since I was so nervous. Unfortunately the fluid in the mass was so thick they could only extract 15 ccs and decided attaching a semi-permanent drain wouldn’t be worth the trouble due to the fluid’s consistency. So they sent what they had to the lab.
  • Last week I received the results, and the bad side of things is they haven’t identified what the fluid is exactly, and how this mass is being fed, which means my physicians have to review my case once more and determine the next step necessary to get this thing out of me. That might mean exploratory surgery. On the bright side, the fluid showed no sign of infection or cancer, so that’s a good win, regardless. I just wish they could have drained more of it.
  • Now, fast forward to the weekend we return to Michigan. Justin ends up in the ER at about 3 a.m. due to high amounts of blood loss and clots through his ostomy bag. Blood pressure dropped immensely, he was dizzy, weak, and nauseous. Once he was assessed they determined he wasn’t septic, thank God, but hooked him right up to fluids. A CT scan revealed nothing out of his normal symptoms, and his blood work came back normal besides low hemoglobin. Basically, he had a severe (and scary) flareup which caused the blood loss. But they kept him for two nights, filled him with fluids, antibiotics, and steroids.

Is that enough health stuff for the month? With a week left in September, I hope so.


  • Even though it’s officially autumn and I wouldn’t mind busting out my cozier attire and calf-length boots, September has generally been unusually warm, with the past few days even reaching the high 80s and low 90s! I’m definitely not complaining, as I love the heat and autumn to me is a reminder that the cold will soon be coming to stay for at least four unbearable months. Yay for a last bout of summer!
  • If you’ve been keeping track of my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge I’ve partaken in this year, or participating yourself, you may have noticed I’ve indulged in a YA series called The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. It took me a little while to get into the first book, Cinder, but then I got hooked, continued into the second novel, Scarlet, and am completely engrossed. I’m now in the final quarter of the third book, Cress, and will be requesting a copy of the fourth, Winter, from the library very soon. I’m a sucker for a great book series!

The final smile of this month will have to wait, as I plan on posting a normal entry about it in a couple of weeks. So keep an eye out!


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