Find Your Zen in a Labyrinth of Lavender

Lavender is known to promote relaxation and a sense of calm, and out in the middle of nowhere lies a location that may just provide the same benefits for many who visit.

The Lavender Labyrinth is a hidden treasure on the west side of Michigan, in Shelby. In all fairness, the landmark isn’t a maze. The owners say the design is an ancient pattern that is meant to represent a spiritual journey. Regardless, it’s a beautiful spot to walk through and admire, and there’s no charge to do so.

The rows of lavender surround a picturesque, circular herb garden edged by arbors, with paths that complete a type of lotus pattern. in the middle of the paths are dozens of flowering and green plants, all mapped out for visitors who want to distinguish between one and the next. Individuals are encouraged to explore, and the serene atmosphere creates a sense of quiet that you don’t want to disturb by raising your voice.

When entering the space, I immediately marveled at the lines of gorgeous purple bushes attracting honey bees from the hives on the outskirts of the section before the orchard begins. It’s quite hypnotizing! The herb garden, raised above the lavender, is picturesque in its own right, and the surrounding arbors frame it perfectly. When the breeze flows through the plants as you walk by, you can get a light whiff of the nearby herbs. In the center of the plot, a group of stones form a circle, ending the journey.

In a building to the west, the property owners provide the charming Cherry Point Farm & Market, where you can purchase fresh fruit, baked goods, soaps, and other items straight from the location’s farms and orchards. You can also find souvenirs like cards, clothing, books, playing cards, and you can scoop your own dried lavender into small mesh bags.

I was fortunate to visit the Lavender Labyrinth earlier this month with my fiancè (holy crap I love saying that), and I’m happy I did because the lavender begins to fade in mid-August and is harvested over Labor Day weekend.

I encourage you to visit this destination, although make the stop on the way to somewhere else, as I wouldn’t exactly call it entertaining enough to make more than an hour’s journey just to see it. It’s definitely unique, though, and it’s a pretty cool addition to what is already a scenic region.


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  1. Kimberly Mendes says:

    So beautiful, Karin! I am planting Lavendar now, for the first time, in a couple spots here on the ranch. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome place with us. God bless you and Justin. Love & hugs, Kim

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