Sighs & Smiles: Ending on a High Note

I hope you’ve enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend! Though we all enjoy the extra time off and are probably kicking off summer with a cookout or two, please remember to take a moment and remember those brave individuals who have passed on during or after serving their country. We owe them greatly.

Let’s review the month of May, shall we? But first, take some time to appreciate this awesome photograph of the Northern Lights that Justin took this past weekend. Wowza.


  • My apartment complex is increasing rental fees. Even with the changes coming in two weeks (see the Smiles section), I’m more unsure if I will be able to stay here. It’s a $40 jump, which is pretty ridiculous considering what I’m already paying. Apartment hunting will resume in a couple weeks, but I don’t expect to find anything better than what I’ve already seen, which is seriously disappointing. Why is a nice apartment with in-unit laundry such a commodity?!
  • I believe my car is starting to show its age. I noticed an interesting quiet squeak coming from the passenger side front wheel. If I’m lucky, it’s only a bearing.
  • I get to schedule another CT scan, just to make sure things are as good as they can be inside my body. Bleh.


  • Now that it’s official everywhere else, Justin will be joining me here in Metro Detroit and moving in! Though he doesn’t have a position lined up yet, moving away from the area in which he grew up and worked his entire life is a big step, and we both believe it’ll be better for his mental and physical health, and just flat out easier in general. We’re both really looking forward to living together again, especially since the 3.5 hour drive (one way) to visit each other is exhausting.
  • My friend Marisol arrives this week for a long weekend! I’m so excited to see her again and show her more beautiful areas of Michigan. Hopefully the weather cooperates!
  • I’ve transferred to a new oncologist in a different health system, and I really like her, especially since she actually does her job and contacts people she needs information from. I’m not used to that! After some blood tests, they showed I’m not really in need of an iron infusion (yet, at least), and even better — the CEA test came back with such a low number it’s barely a blip on the radar. Score.
  • I made my first cheesecake! It wasn’t perfect due to user error, but I’ll take it as an accomplishment anyway, and it tasted delicious.

That’s all for this month! I’m so excited to get into June, which really means summer for us in Michigan! I’ll say goodbye and leave you with this tasty time lapse video, also taken by Justin during this beautiful weekend.


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