Sighs & Smiles: April Showers and Spring Flowers

It’s the end of the month, which means another Sighs & Smiles post! I really hope these are interesting…often I feel like my life is so bland!

Here’s a recap of April.


  • I can feel the anemia. Hard. I’m always tired, and it’s not because my body fights against my brain to wake up at 7am each weekday. When it’s really bad, I melt into the couch when I get home until I drag myself to my bed. My primary care physician finally contacted my oncologist (the same oncologist who basically went MIA in December…don’t get me started) and ordered a “hydration infusion,” which is not the same as an iron infusion, so once again I get to do the leg work with my doctors to set everything straight. Can that stop being a thing? Please?
  • And speaking of having to straighten out my healthcare system, I started Entyvio infusions for Crohn’s Disease this week, two months later than Mayo Clinic wanted. Everything went smoothly, without side effects (that I know of). In two weeks I receive my next one, then in four weeks, then six, then eight from then on. This subject could have been placed under Smiles, but the circumstances surrounding it switched it to the negative side.
  • One of my aunts just underwent a mastectomy to rid herself of the breast cancer that returned after years of remission. She’s doing okay, but it just sucks that she had to deal with it. I think it’s a brave choice to make, and it’s definitely better than the alternative.


  • Piggybacking off that, I’m sure many of you are curious about my job. To put it frankly, I’m really enjoying all aspects of it. I’m learning a lot, finding new ways to be creative, working alongside friendly and welcoming people, and simply finding it pleasing to be back to work. Even if I miss waking up at 9am, haha! Weekends, right?
  • Spring is finally starting to show itself! Trees are budding, dandelions are everywhere, and daffodils are blooming. It’s so great to see green again, though I wouldn’t mind more sunshine. We’ve been lacking that lately. The downside of spring, however, is bugs begin appearing. My car windshield shows the first massacre of the year and bumble bees are back around my balcony. Time to re-stock on Home Defense.
  • I’m so excited that my good friend Marisol is coming to visit again after seven years! She and I met online through Livejournal (hush, it was trendy back then!) in about 2004-2005. It wasn’t long before we were talking regularly talking on the phone, and we finally met in person in 2010. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the luxury of funds to visit her, but she decided to come back and will be doing so from June 1-5. I can’t wait to show her northern Michigan this time!
  • Ever since I got back into taking baths (thanks, Lush), I’ve wanted a bath tray to use while soaking. Well, thanks to my other half, I have one! Justin designed and made me one himself, and I even got to customize it just a touch! It is a dark stain, has a larger space for something like a bath bomb, a slot for a wine glass to slide into, a nook for my phone if I wanted to watch videos (I’ll have to be really careful about that), and a smaller space for a tealight candle. To make it secure while in use, he adhered strips of grip liner on each end, and used a wood burner to add the ‘K’ and another small design on the opposite end. The tray is perfect and I love it. So useful!
  • Happily, I don’t have to move next month. I had forgotten I signed a 14-month lease last year, so my lease ends in late July. This not only gives me more time to cherish my perfect apartment, but also allows me to search for a different apartment that I can settle for. After seeing a handful, it’s incredible what complex companies can charge for what they don’t offer tenants.
  • Tomorrow is my birthday, and after my 30th year of life, I’m more than ready to flip it the bird (so to speak) as it passes. Thirty was not a kind year right from the start! It was full of indescribable pain, hardship, misfortune, insecurity, emotional and physical bruises, and desperation, to say the least. I’ve been ready to move on for a long time.
  • I mentioned in February that my cousin and his wife are moving across the country, which is still really disappointing. However, another cousin of mine, along with his family, are moving BACK to Michigan after living in Iowa and Texas. Lose one, gain another? Nevertheless, it’ll be great to see them more often than just major holidays.

Now I ask you: what have your smiles and sighs been for the month of April?

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4 Responses to Sighs & Smiles: April Showers and Spring Flowers

  1. Janet M Schnell says:

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading your posts! Happy happy birthday! Enjoy your special day! So happy for you to be back in the working world again. God is good! Much love and hugs coming your way!

  2. Karen says:

    Wonderful post, Karin. Happy Birthday! Miss you!!!

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