Living Like a Lushie — Lush Haul April 2017

I have a new video to share with you all! This time around, it’s all about Lush Cosmetics, a company I have recently grown to love.

Lush is a company that creates handmade fun and innovative products for the bath and body. Each item is vegetarian and some are even vegan, made with natural ingredients including oils, butters, plants, and even organic fruits and vegetables. They don’t test on animals or purchase their ingredients from vendors who do. Much of what they sell is “naked,” meaning without the use of packaging, and the items that need packaging are sold in recyclable pots and bottles which you can return to Lush stores (and get a free face mask in exchange!). In addition, profits from some of the products sold help fund sustainable farms in foreign countries or build safe playgrounds in Fukushima, Japan. Lush also releases limited edition items during holidays including Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.

I compiled a video of my recent purchases and gifts — a proper Lush haul! Since I’m such a new Lushie, I can’t really review most of them properly, but I show you each one and try my best to describe their scents and uses. It’s a bit of a longer video, but I hope you don’t mind!

In addition to Lush shops, the company’s UK website (Lush is a UK company) features a special sub-store called the Lush Kitchen. Each week, the Kitchen releases a menu of products Lush has either discontinued from its regular line of products, haven’t offered in stores for months, or one-time items for specific holidays. Often, these items are highly coveted and sell out quickly, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. You’ll see some Kitchen exclusives in my video!

Take a look below!

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2 Responses to Living Like a Lushie — Lush Haul April 2017

  1. Janet M Schnell says:

    Loved it! You do a great job sharing fun stuff and how to use it!

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