Sighs & Smiles: Changing Times

And just like that, March is coming to a close. Crazy.

I usually type out the “sighs” part of these posts first, but this time I’m going to flip it around. There’s some big news I’d like to get out there first.


  • I’ve been healthy enough to work for about two months now, and I’m very happy to say I will be starting a new job today! I will be the social media specialist at a business not too far from me. The interesting thing is I actually interviewed my new boss while I was a reporter in a small town in 2011. He’s originally from a small town in that coverage area, and published a memoir, and I wrote an article about it. When I saw his name and the job description on the job board, I immediately applied. Remembering me and believing I was qualified, he offered me an interview and then the position. I’m very excited to join the workforce again, have steady income, be able to stay in the metro Detroit area, and start creating new ideas to benefit my new employer. I am sure it’ll be a positive experience.
  • I had the opportunity to really “go out” for the first time in probably since the summer. The husband of one of my best friends plays in a rock band called Half Light Music, and were playing at a fundraiser at a bar near me. So I got all gussied up and met her there and saw the group play for the first time, which was great. Listening to live music, having a drink, and hanging out with one of my girls was so refreshing. It really perked up my spirits.
  • Tax return! Honestly, it came just in time. What a relief.


  • Even though I’ve finally found employment and a steady income again, I cannot afford to stay in the same apartment I found after accepting my former position last year. Unless my partner in crime is fortunate enough to get a response from his applications and can move in with me before my lease ends in May, I have to look elsewhere. I started making a list of acceptable apartment possibilities, and have even looked at a few, but there’s more work to do in that area. It’s hard not to be sad about it, as the place I’m in now is perfect on every level. And let’s face it: apartment hunting sucks. Moving is a hassle; especially when you’re on the third floor of a building with no elevator…
  • Callie is being treated for a UTI. Again. Why does my cat have to be prone to these? Thankfully, mixing the liquid antibiotic in wet food prevents the struggle of forcing the syringe into her mouth against her will.
  • I’m pretty sure my fistula has been active for longer this time, which means I’m in pain for an increased amount of time, and I have to wear ostomy supplies more consistently than I used to. The bags are super annoying, especially where they have to be located on my body. It makes showering difficult too, because you don’t want to saturate the adhesive. I’m just sick of dealing with the whole thing and wait impatiently for those precious days where I don’t have enough output to need them.
  • Mayo Clinic is taking a bit more time than expected getting the ball rolling on my treatments for Crohn’s and anemia, which is apparently unusual. I had expected to be done with my first Entyvio infusion at the very least, and my local gastroenterologist has told me he hasn’t even received a request from Mayo yet, even though I have received the copy of the letter they supposedly sent. Hmm.

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6 Responses to Sighs & Smiles: Changing Times

  1. Anita Mueller says:

    God’s blessings on your new job…so happy for you..prayers continue for complete recovery from your illnesses…

  2. Janet M Schnell says:

    So happy for you on being among the employed again. May God continue to watch over you! May sunny days be ahead for you one day at a time. Love and hugs, Jan

  3. Linda Whitehead says:

    Hey You!! So pleased to hear about your new job, congratulations! Remember the only constant is change, you will find an apartment that works for you.

    Sorry about Callie, if she will drink tomato juice or eat spaghetti sauce it should help a bit with her UTIs , also apple cider vinegar mixed with tuna and some crushed vitamin C could help too.

    I wish I could wave a magic wand for your physical stuff right now, I know it can’t be easy and for what it’s worth, thinking about you. Believe and keep the faith.

    • Karin says:

      Thanks for reading, Lynn!
      Callie won’t touch human food, but the antibiotics she’s on seem to be working just fine. Thanks for the tips!

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