Ambrosia — Sweet and Fluffy Fruit Salad

In the myths of ancient Greece, ambrosia meant the food of the gods. Now, ambrosia is a variation of classic fruit salad and incredibly quick to make.

The best part: it’s SO simple! Get your ingredients, combine them all together. Done!

I was introduced to it during grade school, though this fruity dessert would be a great addition to any event requiring large batches of food to share. The standard recipe makes enough for a family, but it can easily be multiplied for whatever need.

The great thing about this dish is it’s totally able to be customized to your liking! I go the easy way and use canned fruit and some fresh if I have it on hand, but you can mix and match however you like it, using whatever fruit combinations suit your fancy. I’ve also seen ambrosia made with coconut, walnuts or slices almonds, or chocolate chips thrown in, but I like it a bit more plain.

Here’s the recipe I use for this delightful dessert! It doesn’t get much easier!


  • 1 can fruit cocktail; drained
  • 1 can mandarin oranges; drained
  • 6-8 large strawberries
  • 1/2 package of mini marshmallows
  • 4 oz. of whipped cream


  • Combine drained fruit with mini marshmallows in large bowl
  • Gently fold in whipped creaam
  • Serve; place all leftovers in fridge

Hope you enjoyed this post! What would you put in your version of ambrosia?


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  1. Janet M Schnell says:


  2. Gramma says:

    my recipe is bout the same but since I don’t like mandarins unless they are fresh leave them out, add the coconut, pecans, marachinos and fresh (when available in my house) avocado, maybe a little apple, peaches. I think it is called ambrosia when it is pineapple, mandarins, coconut, cream. Mine is more just fruit salad, but then what do I know. Miss you.

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