Good Riddance, 2016

I will not miss this year. Not one bit.

Most of the people I talk to and who are in my circle of friends tend to agree: 2016 has been complete sh…well, crap. Let’s say crap.

We lost so many incredible, creative, and industry-changing celebrities I lost count.
We saw massive shootings, bombings, and acts of murder across the globe against innocent civilians and those in the LGBT community.
We watched as African Americans were targeted by white cops and killed without hope of justice for their families or retribution for the officers.
We were appalled at sexual abuse cases such as that of Brock Turner, angry when he only received a slap on the wrist for stripping and raping a young woman who was passed out, and horrified that the blame could be placed on this girl, what she was wearing or what she drank that night. Because she “didn’t say stop.”
I know some of you won’t agree with my last bullet point on this list, but don’t trash me for it and don’t leave me nasty comments. I never talk about this stuff for a reason.
Finally, enough voters were able to elect the worst and most unqualified person possible to become president of the U.S. They ate up all the bs and lies that spewed from his disgusting, hateful, racist, sexist, classist mouth, and are still loving it, even after he back pedaled on almost everything he said he would change while campaigning and placing more unqualified, racist, millionaires in his cabinet and high offices. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this, even as someone who didn’t care for the other major candidate.

That’s world-wide, though for me personally it’s been the worst year of my life. Most of it began after my birthday: getting booted from a horse and almost breaking my face, finding out Crohn’s Disease has decided to be back in my life, causing immense pain and at first, a bowel blockage; having to spend a month in the hospital after a perforated small bowel and emergency surgery, which included experiences I don’t ever want to revisit; getting terminated from my job the week I was released due to some extremely unfriendly-to-the-employee policy regarding extended leave times; learning I had cancerous cells in my recected bowel and a chemo recommendation, then developing fevers for a month without the help of my oncology department to do ANYTHING but take repeat blood cultures and then throw their hands in the air; returning to the hospital for a week to deal with possibly two infections; seeing my bank account deplete rapidly while I wait on the state to give me any sort of assistance as I scan job sites for a necessary desk job.

2016 was a curse, determined to ruin lives, partnerships, unity, and forward thinking.

So in my opinion, 2017 can’t come soon enough, and it better be astoundingly more positive. I think we’re all ready for it, and we all need it.

In all seriousness, let us pop a bottle and toast to the new year with as much positivity as we can muster.

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