Three Outfits to Keep You Cozy this Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside.

When the temperatures drop into the 20s, teens, and single digits here in Michigan, it’s really easy for me to stop caring about what I wear and focus on just keeping warm. And as much as I love throwing on jeans and a hoodie without even thinking, there are easy ways to find items that will not only keep you toasty, but also include a cute and stylish factor that you can personalize with jewelry and acessories you already own.

I wanted to show three different outfits for various circumstances that won’t leave you shivering in the cold this winter. And as a bonus, I included some links so you could shop for the same or similar looks yourselves!

I had to be a bit creative while putting these pieces together, as I was cruelly reminded about my recent weight loss from the summer’s hospital stay. Discovering you can’t fill out your favorite LBD is depressing. But after sorting through a few items, I made it happen and believe I put together some solid ensembles that are easy to duplicate and are wallet-friendly.

Let’s get started!

Lounge Around

Those days when you have no committments and get to take time to yourself are the best. You can stay in your pajamas, but I prefer to change into something just as comfortable and a bit more fresh.

My gray leggings are lined with fleece, which is probably my new favorite thing. I received them (and a pair in burgundy) from my aunt, who also loves them. They’re from a shop in Holland, Michigan, called Home & Company. If you’re in that area, I encourage you to stop in. Unfortunately, the shop’s website doesn’t have these specific leggings listed, but I found a black pair here at Charlotte Russe right now for only $5!

The notch-neck, long sleeved shirt is the best thing ever. Seriously! I had to buy three of these in different colors because I pretty much started living in them. They’re so cozy and soft, easy to wear with a cami underneath, and perfect for lounging on the couch with a good book or movie playing on the TV. You can find this top in an assortment of colors at Kohl’s stores near you or online here! And it looks like they are on sale for less than $12 at the moment, which means you can treat yourself even after the Christmas shopping is finished. Ladies, you NEED this top.

The Everyday

This is a warm, casual look I love, especially with all of the pops of color the scarf brings into the mix. It’s a perfect everyday winter ensemble that I’ve gravitated to quite often this season.

The forest green boatneck T-shirt is once again from Kohl’s (I love Kohl’s, can you tell?), which in my opinion has some of the best deals and steals on basic tops that are great for layering. What’s better: they don’t skimp on color selection. I’m not seeing this top on the website, but I’m guessing you’ll find it in stores. For you online shoppers, here’s a similar shirt with a V-neck instead, and it’s less than $7 right now. You can’t really beat that!

The plaid blanket scarf was a $7 surprise I found in Target’s discount area (the spot I always stop at first for cute odds and ends I didn’t know I needed). If you visit the store, you might still find it, but I know it’s been a popular item because I’ve seen it wrapped around many women’s necks the past couple of months. However, Target’s website has a good number of really stylish blanket scarves to choose from and many are less than $14.

My dark-wash jeggings came from Aeropostale, right before the company shut down their stores after going bankrupt. I paid $13 for them, a definite score. As a former employee of the retail chain, it’s a little bittersweet. However, for many years Aero alienated its teen customers by marketing to a more tween base, and even I couldn’t find things I liked there. In the recent past though, I believe they noticed their mistake and started adding articles of clothing that didn’t have the brand name plastered all over them in neon with a California-esque beach background. I think it was a lesson learned too late.

Finally, the boots. They’re more for fall weather since they aren’t insulated, but since I have yet to acquire new winter boots, this is what I have to work with. Though I love them paired with everything else! I found very similar boots at the Shoe Dept./Shoe Show website for less than $17. Cha. Ching.

Dress Up, Stay Warm

Sweater dresses are such great staple peices in winter because they’re so quick and easy to select from your closet. If you need something warm for the workplace, a date night, or even for an evening out with the girls, a sweater dress is usually perfect. I chose to add leggings and booties for this photo, but you can also wear the dress bare-legged with some knee-high boots for a sexier look! Pop on some shiny jewelry and you’re all set.

Though the dress I’m wearing is a V-neck I purchased at Meijer a few years ago, I found a gorgeous cowl-neck sweater dress in navy online at one of my favorite stores, New York & Co. It’s half off too, under $35, and comes in black and heather gray. I really love the faux belt that comes with it, adding some extra detail.

So, what are your favorite looks or items to wear this winter? Visit my Facebook page and leave photos and comments under the post!


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