Spreading Hope and Love with Phil’s Friends

Phil's Friends LogoI wanted to share with you all a certain care package I received in the mail from the church I attended during college and one I wish I could attend more often. I was told to expect something, but I didn’t know what that something was, and when I saw the box waiting for me on the porch one day I was filled with curiosity.

That’s when I was introduced to the organization called Phil’s Friends. Based out of Roselle, Illinois, Phil’s Friends was established in 2005 by two-time cancer survivor Phil Zielke. Creating the organization helped him fullfill his desire to establish a Christian-based outreach program to show support and give hope to others affected by cancer. Now, the program is expansive and is only funded by donations. Groups of volunteers donate their time to assemble the care packages, decorate the boxes, write out cards, and more.

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My box was decorated with marker drawings of different types of sweets, obviously by a child or teenager, and inside I found information on the organization, a backpack stuffed with items, and beautiful pink fleece blanket. When I read the information included I was first touched, then amazed at how someone thought of such a caring, hope-giving program for men, women, and children. How cool, right?

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Getting excited, I dug into the backpack and found an array of items that seemed to never end. It was like going through Mary Poppins’ bag! I found a water bottle, personal care items, a CD, word search book, journal and pen, a knit hat for winter weather, socks, and a Bible.

And to top it all off, this care package is FREE. It’s free for the recipient and free to request it for someone else.

Though I haven’t been officially diagnosed with cancer, and although chemo still hasn’t started yet (my body doesn’t want to cooperate and the doctors are stumped as of now), this package brightened my day. I know I will take advantage of most everything, if not all of it, throughout my journey. It’s a blessing that something like Phil’s Friends exists.

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Do you know someone battling cancer who could use a bit of hope? Request a care package for them and help them remember they are loved, cared for and prayed for by more people than they know. Phil’s Friends also takes donations in memory of a loved one or in someone’s name, and that money will go toward creating more boxes for those who need a ray of sunshine.


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  1. Janet M Schnell says:

    Thank you Lord for special organizations like Phil’s Friends. A special thank you to Phil also!

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