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Most of us feel munchy at some point during the day. Maybe it’s that 3pm slump time during the workday, or maybe it’s an hour before you climb into bed at night. This is where Graze comes in and provides a wholesome snack option you won’t feel bad about after eating.


This company is subscription based (though you can put your boxes on snooze if you want to skip a month or two) and provides you with a customized snacking experience in one box. Graze has more than 100 snacks for you to try, and they include options that are sweet, savory, salty, and even spicy! When you sign up, you’ll be asked about your food preferences and the site will recommend suggestions of snacks based on those answers. There are even vegetarian and vegan-friendly choices!

The other huge plus side is every box comes with a nutrition fact sheet listing the specs for each snack you receive as well as an ingregient list. Graze snacks are GMO free, do not have any artificial colors or flavors, and portions are conservative so you’ll satisfy your craving but won’t spoil your next meal.


Unfortunately for me, most of the tasty items Graze offers doesn’t agree with my diet restrictions from Crohn’s Disease, but I still have many options that are perfect for me, and just as appetizing! I received a free sampler box in the mail (you can too details are at the end of this post!) and wanted to showcase what I received.

My box contained the Strawberries and Cream Protein Granola Topper, Sour Cream and Garlic Crostini, Pumpkin Spice Flapjacks, and the Cinnamon Pretzles. I have to say I was most impressed by the granola topper, which I tried with vanilla yogurt. So yummy! Along with the granola it has little pieces of dried strawberries and yogurt-coated strawberry pieces.


The crostini snack contained seasoned cashews and bite-sized pieces of tiny bread slices, like croutons. Very tasty. The flapjacks are like moist granola bars, and while I liked the taste of these, the texture didn’t agree with my palette. The pretzle snack came with poppy seed-coated pretzles and caramelized almonds with honey and cinnamon. This snack unfortunately wasn’t for me.

graze3 graze5 graze6

Such a neat little package rolled into one box, and in the normal sized boxes, you get even more snack options! Great job, Graze.

Want to try Graze for yourself? Get your first and fifth box for FREE by using the promo code: F7MCC6RMP. Find the company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, too!


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