Exploring Detroit: Detroit River Walk (and a Youmacon surprise)

detroit-river-walk1It’s been a few months (thanks, health), but I was finally able to get back out and do a little bit of exploring once again. It made my heart happy, especially when the weather was unusually warm for November in Michigan!

I’d only been there once before and wasn’t equipped with a camera at the time, but I returned with my significant other to the Detroit River Walk, which overlooks the Detroit River and beyond to Windsor, Ontario. The entire space is so well kept and many people enjoy taking photos and walking the path that runs from the William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor all the way past the infamous General Motors Renaissance Center, toward the Detroit Windsor Tunnel, and to the Joe Louis Arena.

detroit-river-walk2 detroit-river-walk5There are pleasant green spaces where you can lounge or sit in the sun or next to pieces of art, and even read a book from a little bird house-type structure that serves as a free, public library. It’s relaxing, and in the warmer months you’ll see the Detroit Princess Riverboat and other boating tours passing by.

For the children, there are nature trails and the Cullen Family Carousel, and after going round and round families can find ice cream and other snacks at a cafe only steps away. The small area also features some other fun points of interest as well!

detroit-river-walk3 detroit-river-walk4It was supposed to be a normal afternoon, but as we walked south toward the Ren Cen, we saw more and more people dressed in costume, and hundreds were spilling out of the building and into the street and river walk area. We aren’t unfamiliar with cosplay, but what we hadn’t realized was it was the weekend for Youmacon, an anime and gaming convention hosted a few buildings over. The place was packed with people dressed as their favorite characters, and not just from anime. I’m not a huge fan of the genre, so I didn’t recognize many, but there was the occasional Marvel, DC, or movie costume I recognized.

It was pretty insane, and my first experience with any sort of convention atmosphere. Though a bit of a strange sight at first, you can’t look away and end up loving the people watching. While some were covered head to toe, other cosplayers wore next to nothing depending on the character they emulated. I gotta say, it was really fun to stumble upon Youmacon!

youmacon1 youmacon2 youmacon3What have you recently explored and discovered in the city you live in or a city nearby? Make sure to get out there and find something new!


-Some photos by Justin McKee

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