Introducing: Stitch Fix Men!

Yes, you read that right! There’s now Stitch Fix for the men in your life! Stitch Fix Men offers clothing and accessories perfect for the guy who needs a fashion boost.

stitch-fix-men-personal-stylist-box2Does your boyfriend, husband, or older son need to up his style game into a more mature look, but hates going shopping? Want to provide your father with some comfortable digs he can wear while watching the game or performing his job? Stitch Fix can certainly help with that!

And I know at least some of you are already thinking about the holidays and gift-giving. Christmas ins’t too far away now! Stitch Fix (for the men or ladies in your life) is such a unique present! No more trying to decipher the correct size, waiting in never-ending lines at the checkout, trying to find a parking space at the mall, and facing the horrendous traffic. It’s so much easier to give the experience of Stitch Fix with a gift card (and they are perfect for birthdays and other causes for celebration, too). Get yours here!


Don’t yet know what Stitch Fix is? Check out earlier reviews located in the tab under the banner at the top of this blog to find out how this personal shopping experience works its magic.

I ordered a box for my partner in crime, Justin, and filled out his personal Style Profile with his guidance. I asked his stylist to keep prices on the lower side, to send warm winter clothing, and possibly something he would wear to work, a meeting with clients, or to an interview.

stitch-fix-men-envelopeLet’s see what Justin received in his very first Fix, and what he has to say about each piece!

And just an FYI, this post contains affiliate links through which I may be compensated, but all opinions are my own (and in this case Justin’s, of course).

WESC — Arvid Sweater; Extra Large; $78
Flag & Anthem — Chatham Jean; 33×34; $69.50

wesc-arvid-sweater-and-flag-anthem-chatham-jeanThese two pieces pair very well when it comes to fall weather both functionally and aesthetically. The jeans are a great fit and feel very well sewn together — they’re going to last a while. The sweater is warm and I like the darker color, but the price is just a touch too high for a shirt that I KNOW will shrink over time. At the $69.50 price point I think the jeans are already a tempting choice to hang on to.

Grayers — Harrow Flannel Shirt; Extra Large; $98

grayers-harrow-flannel-shirtI’m not huge into flannel, but I really enjoyed this shirt when wearing it. Michigan winters are brutal and I have no doubt that this would keep me warm. The checkered pattern is nice and the varied color of blue is great, however, for $98… that’s just too high for my budget right now.

Hawker Rye — Essential Wash Long Sleeve Shirt; Extra Large; $58

hawker-rye-essential-wash-long-sleeve-shirtThis shirt fits great! It’s a comfortable piece to wear and I look great in it. The fabric is nice and I could definitely see myself wearing this during cool summer days and into the fall season. I seriously considered buying this because for $58 it’s a good buy, but I’m not a huge fan of the somewhat busy pattern so I decided to turn it down.

Ben Sherman — Grover Quilted Harrington Jacket; Extra Extra Large; $148

ben-sherman-grover-quilted-harrington-jacketOn a tall, skinny guy like myself, this coat certainly doesn’t feel XXL. In fact the only place I felt it was large was around my shoulders. Given the $148 price tag I expected this coat to be made out of better material as well. I have other coats that I know will keep me warm and looking great during the colder months, and while aesthetically this coat looks good, I think the fabric won’t keep me very warm at all. For the higher price I feel I could get a more functional coat from elsewhere.

Overall Thoughts — Justin

I think this was definitely a good taste at what Stitch Fix Men can offer. Given my tight budget I wish I could have purchased more than just the jeans, but other than the jacket I feel like the pieces sent to me were well-thought out when it comes to my needs as colder weather arrives and still maintaining a professional look. I think the prices still remain a touch high for a couple of the shirts, especially the Arvid Sweater which feels like it wouldn’t last very long after a few wash cycles. Overall I’m pleased with the selection and may consider trying another box down the road.

Overall Thoughts — Karin

It was exciting to finally experience Stitch Fix Men, since I’ve been such a fan of the women’s side of the company for so long and knew the men’s portion was coming! I think Justin made a great choice by keeping the jeans and sending the rest back. Unfortunately, it seemed his stylist didn’t take into consideration the price point stated in his Style Profile, so he received items that were too expensive when you’re on a strict budget. But being it’s the first box, it’s usually hit-or-miss. I did, however, like the variety I saw! I wouldn’t mind seeing him schedule another in the future.

What did you think about this Fix and do you agree with what Justin sent back? Let me know in the comments below!


Now you can have your own personal stylist! Click the banner below and schedule your first box. Once that box shows up at your doorstep, you’ll help me support this blog.

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  1. Gramma says:

    Sorta hate to tell you this BUT ( Justin on couch w/afghan) your Grampa had a flannel of the same pattern many years ago, wore it til it wasn’t fit anymore and the good parts were cut out for dust cloths etc. Probably some still in the ragbox. He loved that shirt but it sure wasn’t as pricey~not by a long way! LOL

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