Making Spooky Fun with Halloween Cut Out Cookies

Halloween Cut Out Cookies1One of my favorite memories as a child is helping my dad make cut out sugar cookies whenever a major holiday came up. He had, and still has, dozens of metal and plastic cookie cutters for almost every occasion.

He uses a recipe out of an old, faded Betty Crocker cook book that has been in my family’s possession for as long as I can remember. My dad makes a large batch of dough, chilling it overnight so it’s easier to work with once the fun begins. I was never good at rolling dough (that still rings true), so I usually stuck to making the shapes, careful to dunk the cutters in flour before pressing the image into the dough — which I always snuck tastes of when he wasn’t looking.

With Halloween approaching, I asked him the other day if we could make a batch. Usually we don’t bother decorating them. We like them plain and they’re typically gone too quickly to even think about making them look pretty. But this year I was adamant about decorating at least some of them, so I grabbed some sprinkles and colored sugar from the store, along with some hilarious edible googly eyes. The baking drawer at my parent’s house also had some goodies I used.

Halloween Cut Out Cookies2 Halloween Cut Out Cookies3Once you start rolling (see what I did there?), it doesn’t take long to use up all the dough. Dad and I created ghosts, pumpkins, bats, witches, fall leaves, and even a couple of turkey cut outs! We let them cool and then I busted out white and light orange frosting to begin my creations, while he mixed some green, black (which had a weird aftertaste), and a darker orange for some variety.

Halloween Cut Out Cookies4Halloween Cut Out Cookies5Halloween Cut Out Cookies6I forgot how much work it is to decorate cookies! We did about half of the batch and quit, sprinkles, frosting, and sugar everywhere on the table. I thought we did a pretty good job, and I think I’m now obsessed with the googly eye additions. They really make the cookies look hilarious and give them some character!

Then, of course, we ate a couple. OK, a few. And lucky me, I was able to bag some up to take back with me to my apartment! That’s right, I’ve moved back in!

Next up is, obviously, Thanksgiving, and besides the turkey and leaves, Dad doesn’t really have any cookie cutters geared toward that holiday. Maybe I need to change that…

Do you make cut out cookies with your family? Do you decorate them or gobble them up before the frosting hits the knife?


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