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Making Spooky Fun with Halloween Cut Out Cookies

One of my favorite memories as a child is helping my dad make cut out sugar cookies whenever a major holiday came up. He had, and still has, dozens of metal and plastic cookie cutters for almost every occasion. He … Continue reading

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Long Exposures: Just Have Fun

Guest post by Justin McKee Continuing on with last month’s theme, let’s explore the possibilities a little more with long exposure photography. Before we delve any deeper into this topic, be sure to grab a flashlight or a really obnoxious … Continue reading

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Crohn’s Disease and the Longest Month of My Life (pt. 2)

OK, here is the second part of my story discussing my recent emergency hospital stay. If you haven’t read the first half, click here. After both surgeries, I continued to stay in the ICU at Henry Ford Hospital in downtown … Continue reading

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