The Compassion of Stitch Fix

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how much Stitch Fix is a part of my life. I love receiving boxes each month and trying on the selections my stylist picks out for me!

Well, the first week that I was in the hospital (read more about that here), I was a week away from my next Fix being processed, so I rushed a note off to customer service, explaining what had happened and that I would need to stop my boxes for an unknown amount of time.

Well, imagine my surprise when my dad — who was staying with me in the ICU at the time — brought back mail from my apartment, and had a Stitch Fix box in his hands. I was a bit confused, but wasted no time opening the box while laying in the hospital bed, getting more excited as the tape ripped away.


There was a card on top that I grabbed first, and I couldn’t believe what I read inside. The incredible staff at Stitch Fix said they heard about what I was going through and wanted to brighten my days with a few gifts. They also gave some really sweet compliments about this blog and sharing my journey with Crohn’s.

After the card, I started unwrapping the gifts. First I pulled out a beautiful cream and mint fringe scarf from LOOK Collection. It’s so soft and perfect for fall, and I can’t wait to pair it with my fall tops.

Then I discovered the cutest mug from an Etsy shop called Three Letter Birds that says “Strong Woman,” in the teal that perfectly matches Stitch Fix’s color scheme.


Finally, I opened a burlap type bag from 80 Acres and discovered three goodies inside, all for body care. I pulled out lotion, a bar of soap, and a tube of chapstick from the company’s Verde collection, made with California Extra Virgin Olive Oil and without parabens (perfect for my eczema-prone skin). And let me tell you, the scent of these products transports me into the largest open field of flowers, chamomile, and lavender. It’s so relaxing and I’m sure has some stress relief side-effects!


It was hard to keep the happy tears at bay as I went through the box. I was so touched that a company like Stitch Fix would send me a care package, and it really made me think differently of the company, which has become more and more popular as time goes on. It’s huge now, and to think they’d care about my personal struggles is mind-boggling to me. The staff showed compassion, kindness, concern, and gave me encouragement during one of the hardest times of my life. And I’m so, so thankful, and have such a high level of respect for the business. Not to mention I’m very impressed.

So to Stitch Fix, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You gave me a light in a very dark time and made me love you even more.

I can’t wait until I have healed enough to schedule my next box.


Now you can have your own personal stylist! Click the the link I just shared and schedule your first box. Once that box shows up at your doorstep, you’ll help me support this blog.

And of course, you’ll help support a great company that shows love and kindness to their subscribers. So go for it, schedule a box for yourself.

-Photos by Justin McKee

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6 Responses to The Compassion of Stitch Fix

  1. Nicole Driver says:

    That is AMAZING!

  2. Martha says:

    Wow! What an incredible thing to do! Special company, indeed! And I know they must appreciate you for your attention to their company in your blog. Prayers you’re continuing to get stronger. And, so it appears they know you well, especially as evidenced by the mug. Strong woman!! Our prayers continue for you & for blessings to continue to emerge in unexpected places through this time for you!

  3. Kim says:

    Nice! I’m always glad to know about companies that put people first. This definitely increases my respect for Stitch Fix. Glad you are feeling well enough to do some writing again.

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