Stitch Fix Review — August 2016


Hello my fellow Fix-ers and readers! It’s time for yet another Stitch Fix box, and this time around it’s a little bit different. You’ll learn why if you keep reading.

I’m not sure of the reason, but this month I really wanted to bust out of my usual. I wanted an adventure of sorts! With clothes. For this Fix, I asked my stylist Kimberley to give me something in genres I don’t ever pick for myself: like boho chic, glam, or edgy. I suggested a casual dress or kimono, but also asked for the staple pieces I’ve been seeking be put in the primary holding spot if she happened to find any. I sent off my note, and waited.

Kimberley, however, did not style my box this month. That girl took a needed and well deserved vacation, and therefore Stitch Fix hooked me up with another stylist named Kate. So how did it go?

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Papermoon — Hearst Cross Back Blouse; Extra Small/Petite; $44

Papermoon — Hearst Cross Back Blouse1Papermoon — Hearst Cross Back Blouse2

The mint color of this top is spot on for my taste, but sadly that’s about the only thing that was working for me. It’s a very boxy piece that I felt was too short, and I’m not a huge fan of the polyester fabric. The cross factor in the back wasn’t really enough of an incentive to make me want to purchase this, either, and it kind of billowed like a cape in the wind. Back this goes.

Papermoon — Kyndall Lace Detail Knit Top; Extra Small; $48

Papermoon — Kyndall Lace Detail Knit Top1Papermoon — Kyndall Lace Detail Knit Top2

This top is certainly my style in every way. I’m a sucker for navy, I love the knit fabric and it was a very comfortable fit. The black lace is romantic and very flattering across the back, too! But while I really liked it, something about me didn’t absolutely love it. Maybe it was too similar to other pieces in my closet, and I’m trying to bust out a little. Maybe it was the black on navy, and I wish there had been more contrast to the piece. Either way, I chose to send this back.

Collective Concepts — Clement Scoop Kneck Blouse; Extra Small/Petite; $54

Collective Concepts — Clement Scoop Kneck Blouse1Collective Concepts — Clement Scoop Kneck Blouse2

This top has so much potential, but it just fell flat. The style is really feminine and the floral print is bright and fun, but the fit just was not right for my body. Like the first top in this Fix, this piece is boxy and short. It didn’t lay correctly on my frame because of the super silky fabric, and it made the cute details on the back bunch up. I feel this top is one you shouldn’t have to wear with a cami underneath, but because of all of its problems I couldn’t go without one or I’d risk a wardrobe malfunction. And it looked weird with a cami, in my opinion. I knew right away I’d be returning it.

Papermoon — Mauna Kimono; Extra Small; $38

Papermoon — Mauna Kimono

A kimono! I was so happy to see this in my box, as it was something I requested and haven’t ever tried before. The fabric is a simple, sheer mesh, that’s great for a breezy, summer cover up. A great way to add some color and pizzazz to your outfit, too! Even though we only have about a month and half of warm weather left here in Michigan, I don’t have anything like this in my closet and figured the price was right. I chose to keep it!

Collective Concepts — Galen Laser Cut Dress; Small/Petite; $88

Collective Concepts — Galen Laser Cut Dress

As you can see in the photo, fit was the biggest issue of the day for this dress. I really liked the style, the laser cut outs, and the color, and was very excited to try on something I don’t normally gravitate to. But once I saw how baggy it was on me that excitement faded. The dress is way too big, plain and simple. No matter how I fiddled with it, there was no looking good!

Overall Thoughts

While I didn’t expect the same outcome as a box styled by Kimberley, I thought Kate did her best at choosing items she thought I would like based solely on my note and Pinterest board. Though fit was the biggest problem this month, I could definitely tell she tried to match details of certain items I pinned and I’m appreciative of that. I do, however, look forward to having Kimberley back!

I’d love to hear your own thoughts about this Stitch Fix box! Leave me some comments below!


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-Photos by Justin McKee

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  1. Kenna Covington says:

    enjoyed reading your reviews as I am anxiously awaiting my first fix! I agree with all of your reviews – I too would not normally choose a kimono but that looks great I you.

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