Long Weekends Call for Fun, Family, and Retail Therapy

Long holiday weekends. They need to happen more, right? I hope yours was relaxing, stress-free, and as pleasant as possible. I was fortunate to have a four-day weekend, and it was pretty much filled with activity including travel, food, entertainment, family, sleeping in, friends, and shopping. Not too shabby!

I may be 30 years old, but childish activities like mini golf, arcade games, and trying to catch the drips of a soft serve ice cream cone before they reach the ground is my kind of fun. I discovered a nearby field house/fun center nearby and played a round of putt-putt, even managing a hole-in-one. Of course, it doesn’t matter that I blew my lead a few holes later. I’m pretty terrible.

And tokens had to be purchased when I saw ski-ball. It’s my favorite arcade game! But here’s the best part: I’m pretty sure my machine was busted. How did I come to that conclusion? Because my machine was pretty much vomiting tickets while a machine next to me was pretty conservative. I used about $2.50 in tokens and ended up with more than 300 tickets, and my scores weren’t that high.


The things were dragging behind me as I walked to the ticket eater! It was a bit ridiculous, but more hilarious. And the guys behind the counter let me take home an off brand Nerf type of football even though I was about 30 tickets short. I probably spent more on the tokens than the thing costs in the dollar store anyway. They got the better deal.

Saturday ended up being extra special, as my family gathered together for my grandma’s birthday and the return of my cousin and her family to Michigan while they move from the Bahamas to Florida. It was really good to see everyone again, catch up, and be outdoors in the sunshine. And the food, of course.


Celebrating my grandma and seeing her happy, surrounded by most of her family and friends, was the best part of the day.

Shopping also was a necessity this weekend, as (minor) retail therapy w as needed to cast off some gloom. The first half was window shopping, as I went to the ritziest mall in the Detroit area — we’re talking Michael Kors, Burberry, Tiffany & Co., Saks Fifth Avenue, etc. But then I scaled it down and went to more cost appropriate stores and found a few items for really low prices, including new exercise shorts for $5 each! Can’t beat that. Sometimes it’s nice to just meander the shopping centers by yourself, taking as much time as you need, maybe trying on a few things you wouldn’t normally try. I’d highly recommend it.

Other highlights of the weekend: I found the best Mexican restaurant, continued working out (yeah, motivation!), stayed in my pajamas one day until 1pm, visited with my friend Lauren and painted/decorated her nails, took time to sit back and read, began watching Game of Thrones (I know, I’m late to the party; I don’t have TV),  ate some delicious lobster mac and cheese, had my air conditioner repaired, hung a hummingbird feeder after a confused hummingbird tried eating from my red sunflower seed feeder, saw some fireworks from my balcony, took a trip down memory lane by watching the movie Camp Nowhere, and enjoyed some sparklers.


Here’s to you, America.


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