Stitch Fix Review — July 2016

July 2016 Stitch FixHappy July! I was especially excited for my newest Stitch Fix box this month, as I saw a ton of new tops, shoes, and bottoms flood the blogging community. With so many cute options, how can you resist signing up?

With that, I scoured Pinterest and updated my style board to help my stylist Kimberley see what I’m currently loving. She’s great at matching my pinned items to my fixes, so I do my best to keep it fresh. In my note to her on the Stitch Fix website, I mentioned I wanted to add more casual summer pieces to my wardrobe and pretty much let her take it from there. After so many months of styling me and us chatting on Facebook now, I feel she knows what I like very well, so I’ve learned to trust her judgement!

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Kimberley picked these items for me this month:

Skies Are Blue — Cedar Embroidery Detail Knit Top; Extra Small; $48

Skies Are Blue — Cedar Embroidery Detail Knit Top1Skies Are Blue — Cedar Embroidery Detail Knit Top2This top reminds me of my childhood in the 90s. It’s a classic type of Tshirt that I definitely could have seen myself wearing as a youngster. It’s comfortable, it has fun stripes, and it’s youthful. The more adult aspects of this shirt, however, include the detail near the shoulders and the small cutout on the back. It’s a cute top, but it was only “OK” in my book, so this will be sent back.

Kut From the Kloth — Dayna Skinny Jean; Size 2/Petite; $88

Kut From the Kloth — Dayna Skinny Jean1Kut From the Kloth — Dayna Skinny Jean2Since this brand runs a little large, Kimberley sized down for these jeans, and she was spot on. They fit perfectly and were incredibly comfortable! I normally stitch to dark washes, but these were a great change of pace. If I wasn’t concerned about being frugal this month, I probably would have purchased them, but right now I shouldn’t spend the money on jeans I don’t really need. These are great to keep in the back of my mind though, in case I need them for the future! I’m always amazed how well jeans from Stitch Fix fit.

Loveappella — Jaena Knit Maxi Dress; Small/Petite; $78

Loveappella — Jaena Knit Maxi DressI need to send Stitch Fix a letter and ask them what’s up with all the crazy prints on maxi dresses they have in inventory! Actually though, the first thing I thought was “I could go see a Tiger game in this,” because orange, white, and navy are the Detroit Tigers team colors! But anyway — the dress fit me like a glove, is super comfortable, and elongates my frame nicely. I also liked the slit in the front! However, I just couldn’t get past the pattern. Back it goes.

Crescent — Crabbe Tassel Tie Top; Extra Small/Petite; $54

Crescent — Crabbe Tassel Tie TopRemember what I said about Kimberley taking my Pinterest board into consideration when styling me? She nailed this one on the head, as I had nearly the same Stitch Fix top pinned. And what’s even better is I like this version better! I love the ikat print, the embroidery, the tassel tie, and the colors. The fabric is lightweight and the tank is bra friendly, too! It’s a great casual piece and it’s perfect for this July 4th weekend! I can’t wait to wear it. In fact, I think I will tomorrow…

DV8 — Paloma Cork Wedges; Size 6; $79

DV8 — Paloma Cork WedgesI might have squeaked with delight when I saw these. Maybe. But seriously. How cute are these wedges?! They fit really well and didn’t squish my toes, though I couldn’t buckle them past the first notch. Walking in them was easy and after doing so for a few minutes around my apartment, they were comfortable enough where I would feel at ease walking in them for short spurts. Frugality aside, I really debated keeping these, but after thinking about it I decided I should return them since they’re so basic I could probably find an identical option for half the price at Target or DSW. Goodbye, lovely shoes. I will miss you!

Overall Thoughts

So although I really could have kept three pieces if I wasn’t watching my wallet, I only kept the tassel top. As per normal, I was super happy with this box and loved the variety Kimberley provided. It really helped make this Fix fun!

If you’re reading this and are already a Stitch Fix subscriber, but want to mix it up a bit, OR if you’re a newbie to the service, make sure to request Kimberley as your stylist. You won’t be disappointed!

Until next month…


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  1. Magen says:

    Love the shoes! I’d keep them for sure.

  2. I actually love the first top on you! The purple is pretty! I had a similar shirt in my fix that was blue. Overall, great fix! 🙂

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