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I really dislike shopping for and buying razors. From my experience, razors marketed for women do not work as well as those marketed toward men, they’re extremely expensive, and they don’t last long enough. Additionally, they all have silly little gimmicks to entice you to purchase a specific brand or type. I mean, do I really need a razor handle that smells like raspberry?

It’s painful to fork money over for razors, but they’re necessary — especially during the summer! Gotta have those smooth legs and uh, other areas, when you show off some skin!

I’ve seen the advertisements for Dollar Shave Club just about everywhere, and a friend of mine highly recommended the service, saying she’s extremely happy with the quality of shave, the price, and how many razors she receives for the cost. So I decided to give it a go myself and tell you all about it. Naturally.

How It Works

DSC is a service that ships four cartridges (razor blades) to your door each month, though you can choose to have them send blades every two months. It offers three choices of blades to suit your needs: a two-blade ($1 per month), four-blade ($6 per month), and six-blade option ($9 per month), which comes with a free handle.

The company also offers compatible body products such as shaving cream, shave butter, facial cleanser, body bars, hair products, and more.  You can cancel the subscription or change your razor blade preference at any time.

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I chose to try the four-blade option, called the 4X, and used it on my legs after about three days worth of hair growth. I don’t shave my legs every morning, but will do so more often if I wear a dress, shorts, or bathing suit regularly. Fortunately my leg hair is thin and on the blonde side. Instead of shaving cream, I prefer to use Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter because it’s less irritating to my skin and provides a smooth surface for the razor to glide over.

However, DSC sent me a sample of its Shave Butter, which you apply to condition your skin and soften hair before you use that blade. Obviously I had to try it right away! And I really did like it. The cream smelled just faintly of mint, and it was a really nice base for the razor.

The razors are very sharp. I was being careful and going over my legs slowly, but I still managed to give myself a tiny nick below the knee. I never do that with a disposable razor, and I’m guessing it’s because they aren’t sharp enough to do the job well. So make sure you don’t rush when you use DSC razors.

Overall Thoughts

Dollar Shave Club LogoI have to say I was pleasantly surprised by each item. The handle feels sturdy and the cartridges simply click in and out of it when you’re ready to use a new one. The head of the razor moved easily. I was also surprised of the great quality of the razors — they were definitely sharp and I believe they’ll stay that way after many shaves.

Even though DSC is marketed more toward men, I really like that this company realizes that women will want to use their items too. And I tell you – my legs felt smooth all day long and even into the next day. Using a disposable razor, I usually can feel stubble appear at the end of day one. So this is definitely an improvement.

I’m pretty happy about signing up for this!

If you don’t shave often (heck, or even if you change out the razor every week), Dollar Shave Club is an inexpensive and convenient resource. If you shave even less often, you’ll never have to worry about running out of cartridges! Build up that stockpile.

Want to try Dollar Shave Club for yourself? Click here to sign up and be on your way to seriously smooth skin!



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