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A really cool, unexpected attraction sits in downtown Detroit, just blocks from where professional sports teams call home and within view of the famous GM Renaissance Center.

Eastern Market is a hub of activity on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sunday, with farmers, growers, and foodies peddling their wares. Need flats of flowers, bouquets, hanging baskets, trees, or topiaries? They have them all. Looking for produce? Take your pick of vendor. There are individuals selling artisan cheese, jerky, coffee, baked goods, honey, and more in one of the six sheds.

IMG_8401IMG_8376IMG_8384I was fortunate to be able to tag along with my friend Mary for my first time there, and I my eyes were as large as saucers as we checked everything out. It’s a busy place, with vendors trying to get your attention with the best deal. And deals they are. We saw farmers offering quarts of berries for as low as $1, and huge flats of flowers for $5. And as the day winds down, the deals get better, though the pickings get slimmer.

In addition to the sheds, there are shops surrounding the area specializing in different areas. We visited a meat and seafood market, wine shop, a store carrying every kind of spice imaginable, and passed over a pedestrian bridge filled with tribal jewelry, artwork, woodwork, clothing, and body products. Eastern Market is the ultimate farmers market!


There’s a thriving pulse in such a small area, and visitors are diverse, from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. You’ll hear a few different languages as you browse and the energy surrounding the market is contagious. It’s a vitality I didn’t know existed in downtown Detroit; a city known for mostly negative issues. And Eastern Market has existed for 125 years!

IMG_8406IMG_8415As you can see, the two of us had a lot of fun. Mary found a stand offering fresh varieties of pierogie with saurkraut, which made her extremely happy, and I was just taking everything in with a big smile on my face. If I had taken cash with me (don’t forget to do that when you visit), I would have purchased that bouquet of beautiful peonies.


If you live in Michigan or plan on visiting the Detroit area, make sure Eastern Market is on your list of stops. Though it’s mainly a summer activity, the market does have open hours during the winter season! I can’t wait to get back!


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