Moving In and Moving Up in Metro Detroit

I’m extremely sorry for keeping all of you waiting so long in between blog posts! A week ago I officially moved to my new apartment, and it took me a while to install internet connection because I didn’t have the scratch to purchase a new modem. However! Thanks to receiving my final paycheck from my former job, I have a small amount now to really buy (most) of what I need to fully settle into my place.


It took me a few days at least to unpack everything, place it where I wanted it, and buy the extra things needed to make the new place feel like home. I actually will confess I have a couple of boxes left to unpack that contain items for my floating shelves, but those shelves need to be mounted. The hardware for those shelves is in the wall back at my old place, along with my microwave and other odds and ends I completely forgot about on the day of my move. Oops. I’ll be getting back there in a few weeks, so I will get my forgotten items.

But after this long holiday weekend, I was able to get a ton of things accomplished and really set up my apartment to  my liking. And of course, I wanted to show it off! I know many of you have been waiting impatiently, so I won’t waste more of your time. Get ready for 900 square feet of awesome, because after the crap I’ve lived in, this apartment feels like a palace. One that I’m proud of having.

First off, upon entering you’ll see the kitchen to the left. It has plenty of counter space and a great breakfast bar. My only complaint is the cupboards are very high for little old me. I use my step stool quite often, to say the least. I’m really excited to have a space that inspires me to cook and bake, though! I’m sure there will be much of that going on.


Then back into the main area is the dining area, which I won’t even show because I have empty boxes and don’t really have a table I use for eating purposes. Beyond that, however, is my awesome living room. I purchased that coffee table I wanted from IKEA and a bit of new decor from Hobby Lobby (one of the best stores ever, in my opinion). Luckily I have a handy friend close by who offered to mount my wall decor and shelves for my nail polish.


I’m sort of definitely obsessed with my awesome new serving tray, also found at Hobby Lobby for $10. Can you blame me? I’m in love with my living room. It’s so homey and I adore how it came together in the end.

And you have your standard bathroom. Nothing special, though it has a lot of closet space to house everything I need and keep my counter clear.


My bedroom is quite spacious, and I actually have some more plans for it than what you see here. For example, those floating shelves need to be mounted, but my complex allows me to paint wherever I want as long as I return the wall to its original white before I move elsewhere. Remember the blue I painted in my old bedroom? I want to paint the same color on one accent wall where my bed is. And I want to print out one of my favorite photographs I’ve taken on canvas and mount it above my bed. When I save some more money, I also would like to purchase really nice night stands so I don’t need to use that small organizer. All in time!


You can see the dream now, right? Thought so.

One of the amenities that really sold me on this apartment was the closet, which faces the bed on the right side. I was pretty shocked when I first opened it during the viewing, and you can see why below.


Isn’t it glorious?! Obviously I don’t have enough clothing or shoes. I say that as I’m a week away from getting a new Stitch Fix box. Ahem.

If you look back at the living room photos, you’ll notice I have a very nice spot outdoors to call my own. And it’s becoming one of my favorite areas to spend mornings and evenings on the weekends. My balcony definitely is a comfortable spot to relax and sip a glass of wine (I know, I just did it last night) while engaging in great conversation with a friend or reading a book.


I’m looking to get a comfortable door mat for the space and an over-the-railing planter box so I can exercise my green thumb. Seriously though, I love the space.

In addition to everything you just saw, the apartment also has a full-size washer and dryer, a large storage closet (which is the kitty and cleaning tools room), a large linen closet and a coat closet. The amount of space in here is crazy, but also needed and very welcome.

It’s been a whirlwind of a ride setting this place up, and I feel like I’m 99% finished with it. Other than a couple of hangups, it’s been a very smooth transition and I really am happy with the community I chose. It’s really close to shopping areas and only a quick 15-minute commute to work. I can dig it.

Now that life is returning to normal, I will be back on my original posting schedule. Keep an eye out and thanks for your patience through the last week!


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2 Responses to Moving In and Moving Up in Metro Detroit

  1. Nicole Driver says:

    It looks great!! Also, random question – what do you have your makeup brushes standing up in? 🙂

    • Karin says:

      Haha! They are in a decorative case/container filled with white sandy stuff. All of it is near the flower section at Meijer. It’s much easier to organize them like that!

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