Sighs & Smiles: When Everything Happens at Once

Paulo Coelho QuoteWhen it rains, it pours.

The last two weeks have been, to say the least, insane. Everything has been happening in the same realm of time. This usually isn’t a problem, but when there are so many things needing to be accomplished that you have to make a list on your phone to keep them straight, it can become a bit stressful.

I’ve named this the first of my new Sighs & Smiles posts, which I will write during those times in life where interesting things occur but they aren’t enough to make a singular post. Life’s good. Life’s bad. Wrapped up in one package.


  • My cat, Callie, came down with a urinary tract infection; her second in six years. I noticed the signs right away and kept an eye on her, then when I found definite evidence I took her into the vet for an analysis. Sure enough, I was right, and $121 later I was out the door with medication to start giving her. Not great timing considering the move takes place this week, but I guess I should be happy it happened with enough time beforehand so the medicine can start working. She also needs to lose about six pounds, and if you’ve ever tried to put a cat on a diet, you know how tough that can be.
  • The biggest sigh of the past two weeks could have been a lot worse. I got bucked off a bolting spooked horse that wouldn’t listen to my verbal commands or reign controls. I landed hard on my side, but luckily not on pavement. However, as you can see in the photograph, I must have hit my face on something because I had one really large shiner, a scraped forehead and nasal bridge, and a badly bruised shoulder/collar bone area. I kept ice on my face constantly, but swelling still took about two days to subside. X-rays showed no broken facial bones, so I got really lucky. Just one more thing to add to what I didn’t need to happen right now.
    In the photo, you can see my black eye(s), but I didn’t want to freak you out too badly so I have a little bit of makeup over top of the bruises. Lovely.

    Bruised Karin

  • Due to the accident, I didn’t even really get a “last day” at the newspaper. I didn’t really want to show my face in public (can you blame me?), and needed to visit the doctor. Instead, I made a quick stop in to turn in my key, clear my desk of anything I needed, and say a quick goodbye to the coworkers who were there. I also had to cancel my celebratory evening out with friends so I could keep ice on my face. Concealer in this case was not an option. In addition, I wasn’t able to say a proper goodbye to my boss because he came down with bronchitis. So I will have to make another trip to the office before I leave town.


  • Even though I didn’t get my final day at the office like I had expected, I did finish up my last two weeks and was able to say goodbye in an email or in person to many of the contacts I speak to most often. It felt good to wrap everything up and not have to worry about what’s coming down the pike for next week’s publication, even though I already had some things completed.
  • I found an apartment! After narrowing down my search based on availability, distance from my new workplace, and cost of living, I looked at two different places and chose one that will be perfect for me and allows room to grow if needed. It has a LOT of storage space, a great kitchen, and a balcony. I can’t wait to move in, start setting it up how I want, and make it my own through paint and decor. I also will be able to purchase some newer, higher quality furniture after a month or two, and who doesn’t love that? Once I get settled, I will create a post to show it off.
  • This move has made me go through all of my belongings, and I’m very happy to say I’ve parted with a lot of items I’ve been holding onto for way too long, or pieces I simply forgot about. Instead of tossing the clothing, shoes, and bedding that still could be of use, I gathered them together and went down to a local resale store which assists the area’s women’s shelter. It made me feel great knowing my gently used, unwanted items could be helping a woman or family in need either directly or through the funds the store receives from selling them. Please consider donating to a similar cause when you clean out your closets! It’s one of the easiest and most locally beneficial ways to give back.
  • One of my closest friends and her mom sent me a belated birthday gift card to IKEA, so I have the ability to find something new and nice for my apartment! I took a look at the website and found the perfect coffee table for the living room. I can’t wait to pick it up!

I’m so ready to get back to a “normal” life!


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  1. Nicole M Driver says:

    Oh my goodness, Karin!! You poor thing! I hope you’re feeling better and healing quickly. I also can’t wait to see your new apartment! Some day I will have nicer, grown-up furniture… some day when it’s not getting moved every few years. Ha!

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