Stitch Fix Review — May 2016

After receiving Stitch Fix for more than a year now, it just doesn’t get old and never fails to brighten up my day. Right now I have May’s box to share with you!

In my personal opinion, spring and summer are the best seasons to start Stitch Fix. The weather is perfect for a variety of styles and colors, and most people need to replenish their wardrobe after cleaning out the winter items and getting rid of the older summer pieces they don’t want to wear anymore. I definitely am getting rid of a lot of pieces thanks to this upcoming move, and Stitch Fix is a fun way to gain more unique, mature, and versatile tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. What are you waiting for? Join the fun!

Stitch Fix

I’ve had my stylist, Kimberley, for a number of months now, and I honestly think I struck gold with her. She pays attention to my Pinterest board and my wants and needs, and writes me the sweetest notes that come attached to the style cards in each Fix. This might sound odd, but I actually feel like I kind of know her from her notes because I get a taste of her personality in each one. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has felt the same!

So at the end of this month’s message to my stylist, I added a short note to her saying we should be real life friends. Never did I suspect she would add me as a friend on Facebook, but that’s exactly what happened! And I was right  we have a lot in common. It’s been really fun getting to know her more and it’s great to be able to communicate with her about my Stitch Fix preferences more than just what’s in my Style Profile. I’m so glad she friended me!

If you want to know how Stitch Fix works, visit one of my other reviews on this site, located in the tab under the banner at the top of this blog.

OK, onto the pieces!

Donna Morgan — Marlow Jersey Shirt Dress; Size 2/Petite; $118

Donna Morgan — Marlow Jersey Shirt DressSorry to say I didn’t like anything about this dress. It’s the first shirt dress I’ve ever tried and it’s really not my style. The print was crazy busy, and I didn’t like the dark colors for this time of year. This piece actually reminded me of a dress I got in October’s Fix, which I also didn’t care for. Oh well! This is an item that definitely took me out of my comfort zone, which I need from time to time. It just didn’t work out.

Street Level — Rio Cross Body Bag; $48

Street Level — Rio Cross Body Bag1Street Level — Rio Cross Body Bag2This bag isn’t bad, but it’s not great, either. I really like the inside pockets, the adjustable shoulder strap, and the smaller size. I wear a Coach cross body bag every day, as it’s great for being a journalist, and this one would provide the same hands-free flexibility. However, the outside appearance of this bag doesn’t really thrill me too much, and the baby blue, while pretty, doesn’t really go well with a lot of my wardrobe. This will be sent back.

Loveapella — Clira Side Embroidery Knit Top; Extra Small; $44

Loveapella — Clira Side Embroidery Knit Top1Loveapella — Clira Side Embroidery Knit Top2Kimberley noted that I liked the color of a shirt from last month’s fix, and sent a different top in a darker shade of the same fuchsia color. This top works well on its own and underneath a jean jacket or black blazer! The side sports a fun detail, too. But something didn’t make me love this piece. I’m not sure what it was, but I decided because I didn’t love it, I wasn’t going to buy it.

Loveapella — Carlita Knit Maxi Dress; Small/Petite; $78

Loveapella — Carlita Knit Maxi DressConfession: this is the first maxi dress I’ve ever tried on. I see tons of people wearing them and raving about how much they like them, but I haven’t ever found a petite version worth trying on. I hate going to the trouble of hemming anything, and more often than not maxi dresses are way too long for me, even in petites. This dress is super comfortable and shows enough of my figure without being too clingy. The fabric is really soft. The best thing about this dress are the elastic straps, as I always have an issue with straps that are too long and continuously fall down. The problem with this dress is the print. I just couldn’t love it and it made me feel very self-conscious, even paired with the item below. I hope Kimberley sends me a petite maxi in the future, though!

Just USA — Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket; Extra Small; $58

Just USA — Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket1Just USA — Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket2If you’re looking for a denim jacket, this should the the one you check out. Usually jean jackets are stiff, but the denim on this one was really, really soft and flexible. I really like the wash and the fit was great. The only problem was…I already have a jean jacket almost exactly like this from Aeropostale, and I don’t need another of the same. So I contacted Stitch Fix customer service and asked if they had the same item available in white. Unfortunately they didn’t, so this also went back.

Overall Thoughts

Although this box was far from a home run, I appreciated the different styles and prints inside that forced me to step out of my comfort zone. You never know until you try everything on! Since Kimberley and I are Facebook friends now, I will be able to give her more ideas about what to place in future boxes instead of in the small note on the Stitch Fix website.

And to be honest, I was almost relieved I didn’t purchase any of the items, since it’ll be a more expensive month due to the move. We’ll see what happens next month!


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-Photos by Justin McKee

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6 Responses to Stitch Fix Review — May 2016

  1. Stacey says:

    I actually liked all of the clothing items on you – especially liked the jean jacket over the maxi dress. Love the colors of each one also; but can see from your comments why would not purchase. One thing I noticed with the patterns she picks is that they all sit horizontally – so even though they are not really ‘stripes’ they have the same effect. I suspect you might like them better if the patterns were vertically oriented, or more of a random pattern – giving an illusion of height? I do love the bright pink on you!!

  2. Danielle says:

    The maxi dress looks great on you!

  3. I have never received a bag from Stitch Fix, but after seeing the cross-body they sent you I might ask for one….super cute!
    Found your review on the FB Stitch Fix Review page

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