Counting Down to 30: Embracing the Next Chapter

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Guys, my 30th birthday is almost here.

It’s hard to believe! I swear I only just began this blog series like, a month ago. Now I’m at the end.

I won’t lie and say I haven’t had moments during the last couple of weeks where I completely dreaded the day to come, but they were short-lived. I have two friends who have their 30th birthdays just before mine, so having them go through it first makes it much more manageable!

I also think it helps to know I’ll be celebrating the day with a large group of some of my closest friends in Grand Rapids, my favorite Michigan city. I’m really thankful so many will be joining me specifically for this event, and it’s significantly humbling. I’m feelin’ the love, y’all!

As I keep being told by my older coworkers, friends, and family members, age is only a number. I don’t feel 30, and God knows I don’t look it. Though I probably will continue to have my “freak-out moments” here and there, I’m ready to look at my 30s as a decade to embrace as years that will only help me grow and achieve.


Just this week, I was told by a person much wiser than me that who you become in your late 20s — which is the period of your life where most growth occurs — usually defines what type of person you’ll be for the next 20 years. And ya know what? If that’s really true, I’m good with that. After the negative and positive aspects of my 20s, and especially my late 20s, I like who I’ve become and believe I’m at one of the best places I can be to begin my 30s. And that’s comforting.

In all honesty, I’m looking forward to what my 30s will bring and where God will lead me. It’s time to take the next decade by the horns, so to speak. Meet it head on and make the best of it.

In closing, I hope you all enjoyed my Counting Down to 30 series as much as I enjoyed writing it and diving a bit deeper into this thing called life. I really appreciate those who have read each one and typed up some great comments to expand the conversation. It’s been a thoughtful six months since I typed my introduction.

Now, onward and upward.

Come at me, 30. I’m ready for you.


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