Birchbox Review — April 2016

April Birchbox1April’s Birchbox is here and I have five new products to show you! I’m happy to report this month’s box had a better variety than those in the past. But is it enough to make me keep my subscription?

About Birchbox

Birchbox is a monthly subscription service featuring beauty products like makeup, skin care, fragrance, hair care, and more. Once you sign up, you’re asked to fill out a brief beauty survey for the company to know more about what you’d like to see in each box.

It’s $10 each month and the company provides five sample-size items to try along with an information card giving brief descriptions of the products. You get billed the first of each month and your box is sent in the middle of the month. Unlike Stitch Fix, where it allows you the option to schedule boxes at will, Birchbox automatically schedules one every month and you must cancel on your own when you want to stop receiving boxes. You get to keep everything that comes in the box.

If you like the products enough to order a full-size option, you have the opportunity to purchase them on the Birchbox website. Also, Birchbox gives you the option to select one of the items you’ll receive that particular month.

April Birchbox2Here is what this month’s box offered:

Benefit Cosmetics — The POREfessional Face Primer

April Birchbox3Benefit is a well-know brand, and one that really does mascara well, but I’ve not tried any of its facial products. This one is meant to reduce the appearance of pores and is a primer for foundation and concealer. I rarely wear foundation, so this product isn’t really something I need. But it did feel nice on my skin and was lightly tinted, which I guess is the thing that gives the illusion of pore reduction? I might give this away or save it for when I do need to wear foundation for a special event. A full-size tube will cost you $31.

Living proof —Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

April Birchbox4I love dry shampoo and love receiving it in my boxes. Living proof also is very well known and more on the high-end side of things. I love their packaging and the short paragraphs of inspiration on each bottle of bath gel, shampoo, lotion, or perfume. A full-size can will run about $22. I tried this shampoo and was immediately saying “mmmmm” at the smell. It’s very fresh and simply smells clean, and that scent lasts a while. My hair is incredibly flat, especially if I don’t shower, but using this product definitely made my hair feel cleaner.

POP Beauty — Matt Velvet Lipstick in Cozy Crimson

April Birchbox5Here’s a bright red lipstick for you crimson lovers! This lip color by POP Beauty is pretty vivid! It was easy to apply, though not as creamy as normal lipsticks, and once the top layer came off, there was a nice stain left over, so I’m thinking it last pretty good lasting power. It is a bit more of an orange-red than I usually like, so I’m not exactly sure what I will do with it. You can purchase a full-size stick for $16.

rms beauty — The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes

April Birchbox6I was looking forward to using these by rms beauty, and was happy to see something different in my box. These makeup remover wipes are made with coconut oil, which as you may know, is all the rage lately, though I personally am not convinced. Upon opening one of these packets after I warmed it between my hands for about 30 seconds, I noticed they were pretty small compared to what I’m used to. They really smelled of coconut (not my favorite scent, but not the worse either) and weren’t soft. When used gently, the wipes did a decent job of taking off my eye makeup, but I don’t think they worked as well as the wipes I use from e.l.f. I ran out of space on the wipe and when I tried to use the other side, it left residue of the makeup I just took off on my face from the front. I had to back over some areas with a different remover, and of course I had an oily face after using these wipes, and I didn’t care for that. Unfortunately, these are not to my liking.

PARLOR by Jeff Chastain — Volumizing Lifting Spray

April Birchbox7Oh look, another volumizing spray. There’s not much to say that I haven’t before. These don’t really do anything for my hair, but I use them anyway since I technically paid for them by subscribing to Birchbox. This one from PARLOR by Jeff Chastain does smell really good, though! A full-size bottle run about $24.

Overall Thoughts

This month will be my last of Birchbox. I’ve given it as much of a chance as I did with Ipsy, and honestly…it didn’t really impress me. I think they give out way too many hair products (though I love the dry shampoo), and there’s no variety in those products. They severely lack with giving makeup, which I prefer over hair care. With skin care, it’s been hit or miss as well, though the variety was a bit better.

Between the two beauty services, I’d say go with one or the other depending on needs and wants. If you want hair care, go with Birchbox. Makeup, go with Ipsy. And as I’ve stated before, you really don’t need either of these subscriptions for more than a few months.

Trying Birchbox was fun, but I think it’s time to move on. If you want to see for yourself and subscribe to Birchbox, click here.

If you like reading subscription box reviews, which should I try next? What are you interested in seeing?


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