Throwback Thursday: The Day I Held a Fawn

Springtime means babies in the animal kingdom, and while whitetail deer still have a month or two before offspring are born, it’s always exciting to see the little fawns grazing beside their mother. Or, if you’re lucky, you’ll find one hidden in tall grass or in thickly wooded areas while on a hike.

I was lucky enough to be able to encounter a number of fawns two years ago on the property of a gentleman who owns a 500-acre deer ranch for hunting purposes. He invited my significant other and I out to help search for the baby deer and photograph them, as he records and tags each one for management purposes. We joined him and a few of his family members and carefully traveled around on a Gator, stopping here and there where fawns are usually found.


It wasn’t long until we discovered the first, and it’s hard to put into words how I felt upon seeing the little bundle — curled up, still, quiet, and helpless. It’s pretty obvious how adorable they are! This little one showed no fear and didn’t move, even when we approached it. And lucky me, I was able to get a once-in-a-lifetime chance when this darling baby was handed over!


How precious! As you can tell, I was pretty elated to be holding such a beautiful animal, especially one that didn’t even make a sound or struggle in my arms. These fawns are all legs, and it was a challenge to hold it in a comfortable position for both of us. This little guy was awesome, though, and I will never forget this experience.

I will say that although I was fortunate enough to have this opportunity, I don’t condone touching or picking up fawns if you see one out in the wild! Please leave them alone. I’m pretty sure this was only okay for us because they are on a secure property and the deer are (relatively) used to human scents being around.


That day we found several other fawns in ranging ages. Each were documented, tagged and placed in the same spot we found them or released to find their mothers. In addition to the newborns, we also saw older fawns also roaming around not too far from their mothers. There were a lot of twins!

I really hope for the chance to do this again sometime!


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