North Carolina Vacation Pt. 2: Charlotte

IMG_6888I’m back for round two of my North Carolina vacation post! If you haven’t checked out Part 1, make sure to by clicking here.

Justin and I said a sad goodbye to Miranda, Wilmington, and the gorgeous beach, and hopped on the road to Charlotte. His relative, Cheryl, and her husband, Anthony, graciously invited us to stay at their place while enjoying yet another part of the state. Known as The Queen City, Charlotte is home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Carolina Panthers and strong financial roots.

I’m not sure what I expected, but when we drove through their neighborhood I’m sure my eyes were as large as saucers. Each house was beautiful, extremely well kept, and massive. Yards were perfectly manicured and spring was showing its colors in the white and pink flowered trees.


The outside of Cheryl and Anthony’s home was just a teaser for what was inside. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped at how stunning it was, from the serene back yard to the immaculately styled rooms and living areas. Cheryl’s love of folk art definitely stood out in the home, which she told me was built in the 30s. Take a look at some shots of this lovely house, which I should add is up for sale. *wink*


Love it. Love it all.

The following day, Justin and I traveled north on our own to an attraction called Lazy 5 Ranch, since we both have a love of photographing animals. I tell you, this place is a trip! It’s very inexpensive and incredibly fun for kids and adults. Half is a walking area where you can get up close and personal to farm animals and exotic birds, and the other half is an area where animals roam free while vehicles drive around a designated track.

I’m not joking. Animals are able to come right up to your car. If you purchase food buckets of pellets and hello, why wouldn’t you?! they will stick their heads inside the vehicle to eat if you let them. It’s both fun and terrifying, and always hilarious.

IMG_6803IMG_6820IMG_6828IMG_6826IMG_6823IMG_6837IMG_6809IMG_6878_1The ranch has llamas, antelope, pigs, emus, ostriches, bison, water buffalo, donkeys, watusi, zebras, giraffes, deer, and more. I loved getting up close and personal to many of these creatures, while others, as you’ll see, required having the windows up! I never knew how large bison and ostrich really are, and not only are they beautiful, they are intimidating and not to be messed with!


See what I mean by terrifying? But also really amazing and a great experience right outside of Charlotte. I’d highly recommend it!

To finish our time in North Carolina, Justin and I waited until nightfall and drove downtown for some night photography. While my shots aren’t half as good as his (I was tired and by the time we found a place to shoot I didn’t care anymore), here’s a quick look at the city for you. Charlotte is a great city! It’s filled with people and had quite a few hot spots for dining and clubbing.


I can’t wait for the day when I can return to North Carolina and explore more sights! Vacations are never long enough, right? I hope you enjoyed my recap!


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