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Cufflinks titleLet’s talk cufflinks. They’re not seen too much anymore, even though they are one of the easiest ways for men to personalize their style or make a statement when the typical suit and tie can get a bit boring.

This is where Iota Links fits the bill. This company makes cufflinks to spice up that dress shirt, add some personality and show off something fun and out of the ordinary. And who doesn’t want to add some character once in a while? Simple touches like these cufflinks can add a lot when men’s fashion can be stiff and uniform.

Iota Links StackedThe links, which can be purchased here on Amazon, come in so many cute styles! My other half and I tried out the robot, donkey, and bear versions. I personally love the donkeys, while his favorite are the smiling robots. But Iota Links also offers whales (which I also loved), Boston terriers, elephants, and pugs. And for only $35 a piece, they are extremely affordable.

I personally believe these cufflinks would be an understated, yet custom touch to a group of groomsmen. I see tons of photos of groomsmen having something in common with each other — whether they’re sporting a super hero shirt under their tuxedos, showing off colorful socks that match the wedding party, or rocking kicks instead of dress shoes. Why not do something out of the norm with cufflinks? Sport the same links, or have each man wear a different style!

Not going to be in a wedding any time soon? Wear these accessories to work under that blazer or sport coat. I’m pretty sure they’ll catch the attention of your coworkers.

I was really impressed upon receiving these links. First, they came in beautiful, classy packaging that made me think of a high-end men’s boutique. Make sure to save the box to keep your links in good condition! In addition to the box you’ll find a thank-you card with a special offer, which I think is a really nice gesture.

As you can see by these photos, look at how cool these links are! They really made me smile when I saw them in person, and they feel like they’re high quality. They’re solid, yet the hinge on the back is able to move easily so they’re a breeze to feed through button holes. And they stay securely in the cuff for as long as you need them to. Not going to lie, I’m sort of in love with these!

In my opinion, the cufflinks would make a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or even as a bride’s gift to her groom. Iota Links are unique, great quality for the price, and pieces that will last a long time.

Iota Links Robot Try-onIota Links Donkey Close-upIota Links Back of CufflinkAnd since I love these cufflinks so much, I’m offering YOU the chance to win a pair of your own! I’m hosting a giveaway for these super stylish bear cufflinks! To enter the random drawing, make sure to do these two things by Tuesday, March 15:

  • Follow me on Facebook
  • Comment on this post or my Facebook post linking to this page saying you’d like to be entered to win

See? Easy! But wait! There’s more!

Iota Links also wanted to give you guys the opportunity to voice your opinion on what kind of animal cufflink you’d like to see made! Make sure to leave me a comment with your suggestion, and I’ll choose a winner and send the idea off to the company. Who knows, you might just see your own idea come to fruition!

Good luck!


– Product photos by Justin McKee

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