Stitch Fix Review — March 2016

SF4.3.15You guys, even though there is snow on the ground right now, spring arrived on my doorstep with my March Stitch Fix box. And it’s just what I’m looking for, as I’m preparing to visit North Carolina for a week later this month!

This Fix is a great one, but I think I need your help deciding if I should keep anything besides the one piece that’s definitely a keeper.

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For my 15th Fix, I asked Kimberley to send me items for my vacation, and also colorful pieces. I suggested a great bag, white jeans, and maybe a versatile dress as I’m looking forward to being in some warm temperatures. I also made a point to update my Pinterest board to ensure she knew of the styles and items I had in mind, which is an important part of getting a great Fix.

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Let’s look at what Kimberley sent me this month!

Kut From the Kloth — Mattie Capri Jean; Size 4/Petite; $78

Kut From the Kloth - Mattie Capri JeanI was pleased white denim was something in this box! But I was a bit on the fence about these capris. I always think capri pants on short girls like me just make me look shorter. At least that’s what I see when I look in the mirror. But I do like how sharp they look with this top (from a Fix I received early last year before my blog revamping) and heels! They are a tiny bit too big in the waist, so I’d have to pair them with a belt. And other than heels, I don’t really have shoes to wear with them — but that means shoe shopping, right?! All joking aside, I think I’d be more eager to keep these if they’d have been full length. But what do you think?

MAK — Jaclynn 3/4Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan; Extra Small; $38

MAK - Jaclynn Button-Up CardiganOh look! Another cobalt piece! Kimberley knows what I like! I knew right off the bat this cardigan would be a winner. The color is great, it’s really soft, and it’s something I’ll wear a lot. I paired this with dark wash jeans and a gray cami, but this also looks good with the white capri jeans above. This is definitely going in my closet and I can’t wait to start wearing it. I think I need to start branching out from blue, though.

Gilli — Rinna Dress; Small; $68

Gilli - Rinna Dress1Gilli- Rinna Dress2I feel like I’m ready to dance to some do-wop music in this number! This navy, polka dot dress is flirty and retro, with a really nice shape that’s very flattering. It’s a stretchy material, but not so much that it’s hugging all the wrong places. I’d say flexible is a better term. Then turn around, and look at the back! It has a cut out on the lower back that you wouldn’t expect, that really adds something different. My significant other really likes this piece and thinks I should buy it, but I’m on the fence about it. Help!

*Edit* I said yes to the dress!

Loveapella — Scooby Printed Cross Back Knit Top; Extra Small; $48

Loveappella - Scooby Printed Cross Back Knit Top1Loveapella - Scooby Printed Cross Back Knit Top3I appreciate what Kimberley was trying to do here with the floral top. And I really want to like florals. But they’re not really my style and I end up looking like wallpaper. Maybe I just haven’t found the right floral pattern yet.
What I did like about this top was the super soft fabric and the fit was great. AND check out that back! Really cute! I wanted to like this more than I do, even after trying it on a few times. I’m just not sure I’d get used to it enough to grab it out of my closet. I do think it looks better with a plain cardigan, so the busy pattern is downplayed, but I’m unsure.

Octavia — South Hampton Tote; $58

Octavia - South Hampton ToteKudos to Kimberley, since I had this bag Pinned! I love the mint color, which is definitely springy, and that it has pockets on the inside. I don’t even mind the gold detailing. However, what I didn’t care for was the double zippers, which I think would get really annoying. If this had one single zipper all the way across, I’d like it better and might actually be inclined to keep it. And I actually am starting to think totes are just too large for me in reality.

Overall Thoughts

Thanks to Kimberley who continues to deliver the pieces I request or Pin. If they end up not working for me, that’s my bad. I think this box was had some really great items, and certainly ones I’m still debating over! Leave me some comments with your thoughts about which pieces you like best and which you think I should keep. The dress? The capris? The floral top? Help a girl out!

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-Photos by Justin McKee


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13 Responses to Stitch Fix Review — March 2016

  1. MoVig says:

    Hi Karin. I definitely think you should keep the dress. I love the back cut-out and it looks really good on you. I also think the floral top is a keeper. Yes, it’s a somewhat busy pattern, but I think it also looks good on you. The print doesn’t overwhelm your small frame and I think you can really rock the open/crisscross back. Not everyone can pull off that back, but you look amazing! And I have to agree with you on the capris and the purse. I have a pair of white capris and I also feel like they don’t give me the illusion of length that I like. And while I love the color of that purse, it’s so big for your tiny frame. The cardi is a no-brainier – love the cobalt. Well, there’s my two cents!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    I agree – the dress is super cute and I don’t mind the floral top. Also, I’m pretty sure that I have that same cobalt cardigan… 🙂

  3. Carissa says:

    I love the color of that tote but woah is it huge!!! Way too big to use as a purple.

  4. Miranda D. says:

    LOVE the dress – even if it isn’t for vacation, it’s a total keeper! The capri pants look great on you too. I love the style of the floral print shirt, but I’m with you on the print itself – not so much.

  5. Addie says:

    Definitely keep the dress. It’s adorable on you, and a plus that your husband loves it. I think the floral top looks great on you. Pair it with a cardigan to tone it down a bit. I do not like the white capris. You have a great figure, and the capris don’t highlight your great features.

    • Karin says:

      Thanks for your comment! I actually had to check out last night, so I did end up keeping the dress.
      Just for clarification, it’s my boyfriend, not my husband. 😉

  6. Glad you kept the dress. It is classic, the hubby loves it and I don’t know if you’ll ever come across something like that that fits so well and comfy. Great pick! I have the same cardigan but in a burgundy. It is very soft!

  7. Karin says:

    And yes, the cardigan is a great closet staple!

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