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While I enjoy cooking and baking on occasion, having an uninspiring kitchen doesn’t help me get excited about planning and making meals or desserts. I’m so looking forward to having a great kitchen someday in my own home, and I personally love to browse through different styles, setups, and amenities of the most-used room in the house to get an idea of my own tastes.

Here’s a fun take on a kitchen redesign or upgrade: retro! We all know it’s coming back in style, and it can be incredibly beautiful if done right. When looking around at some ideas, the products at Big Chill really caught my eye. They’re really stylish and come in a variety of beautiful colors that could really pair up well with neutrals and give your kitchen a pop of your own personality.

I’m a huge fan of anything blue, so of course the kitchen items in Beach Blue caught my eye — especially this 36-inch stove! How fun!

Big Chill Stove

I really like the contrast with the white knobs and the chrome trim. This stove reminds me of being somewhere tropical, maybe carrying a fruity drink with an umbrella while watching the waves come into white sandy beaches. A girl can dream.

Once I saw the stove, I started piling other kitchen essentials and colors together, and asked my other half to assemble them into a style board for me, since he’s the graphic designer. I chose to only add touches of the retro look and style it with modern pieces for a different twist.

Big Chill Style Board.jpg

As you can see, I also picked out the matching Big Chill Beach Blue refrigerator in the Retropolitan style, which has a slide-out freezer at the bottom. I love its sleek, streamlined look. Add in a chrome stove hood, a large, stainless steel sink (without the dividers I can’t stand), and beautiful white cabinets with brushed nickel hardware. Of course, you have to have stylish granite counter tops and a slick backsplash to pull the room together. Viola! A chic space with pops of color you can call your own and show off to all of your friends. They’re going to be jealous!

Here’s the other cool thing about Big Chill: it’s an American company with products made within the U.S. That’s rare these days, and for me, it’s something of importance when picking out major items for my home. I really like the color selection and styles of their appliances, which can really upgrade a kitchen without a ton of work.

If you love any of the items I’ve mentioned in this post, make sure to find Big Chill on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


-Style board created by Justin McKee

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