My Favorite Nail Polishes for Winter

Winter Polish FavoritesRemember this post I wrote in October, featuring my favorite fall nail polishes? Well, I thought I’d make a list of my favorite polishes for winter as well!

This was somewhat of a tough choice for me, as I have many polishes I believe would work well in these cold months. But I think this list has a nice variety!

Below I have 5 different swatches, and it’s interesting the ones I chose were only from two different brands, Zoya and Essie. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Now, onto the list!

London by Zoya

Zoya LondonThis is one of Zoya’s many colors from the Pixie Dust collection, meaning they are matte, textured polishes. I have a few of these and I really like each one. The formulas dry quickly with each thin layer applied and it really gives a different look to your nails! Of course, you can apply a top coat over any of the Pixie Dust shades, but what’s the point? You also can stamp over this polish, if you’re into that type of nail art like I am. London reminds me of the gray Michigan winters and the sparkle is similar to snow.

Sable Collar by Essie

Essie Sable CollarThis polish came out a couple of years ago as part of an Essie winter collection, and I immediately picked this one up because I feel it’s really unique. It looks like a plum in the bottle, but in the light and on your hands and it almost has an inner glow from the shimmer inside the formula. It’s a very attractive shade, and stays away from the vampy purples that are popular during the winter season.

Dream by Zoya

IMG_6180Dream is one of my favorite polishes. As you can see, it’s gorgeous. Zoya did a fantastic job creating this beauty. This shade is a deep, midnight blue scattered with holographic glitters that pull you right in. It glides effortlessly across the nail, is really long lasting, and provides great enough coverage that sometimes I don’t need my usual second coat. In sunlight this polish just sparkles. This is the perfect shade for winter as it reminds me of the cold nights.

Prim by Zoya

Zoya PrimI chose this polish because it’s a blue-toned purple and it’s in the frost family of polish types. The shimmer in Prim creates that icy look that really matches the season. I also like that it’s the lighter side of winter shades, which are usually on the darker end. It’s feminine, but still subtle. A great one to have in your collection!

Vested Interest by Essie

Essie Vested InterestThis polish is an interesting dusky teal that I believe looks great during the winter months. Vested Interest is understated, yet brings a pop of color. It very much reminds me of the wet chill winter in Michigan can bring with the freezing rain and slush, but much better looking! This also is a great base color for stamping.

And there you have it! What do you think of these colors and which would you be more likely to wear?

I’m sure I’ll be back with my spring favorites in a few months!


-Top photo by Justin McKee


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  1. Sarah Neubecker says:

    I like the vested interest! Definitely “dusky”. Good word. 🙂

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