A Day at the NAIAS

NAIAS4Detroit is known for many things high crime rates, Motown, professional sports teams but the thing it’s probably most famous for is cars. It’s Motor City, after all! Each January brings the North American International Auto Show, which is a huge event auto manufacturers use as a way to display their vehicles, show up the competition and introduce new vehicle technology, designs and features to make consumers want to buy the latest model.

The event takes place at Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit and upon entering the causeway you’ll see massive LED screens surrounding each brand’s display. The bigger the brand, usually the larger and more impressive the display. The Big Three (Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler) are typically prominent for obvious reasons. How cool is this view from above the Ford area?


Ford is one of my top choices for auto manufacturers. They’re solid vehicles, incredibly attractive and cover a wide range of tastes. And who can say no to a red Mustang?


I didn’t get a great photo of it because there were so many people, but I love the 2017 Ford Edge. I loved the previous generation as well, but kudos for Ford on keeping a great style. What I didn’t care for, however, was the 2017 Ford Escape. It’s a bit boring for me.

I love cars, and enjoy going to the NAIAS to see all of the new designs and innovations. While I certainly have my favorite brands, I always stop at each one even for a few minutes. You never know what an automaker is rolling out!

The NAIAS also allows you to sit in and check out nearly every vehicle on the floor, which is great for me because I’m positive I will never be able to afford a BMW, no matter how much I want one. A girl can dream.

NAIAS12Plopping your behind into one of these vehicles is a huge half-way selling point for these companies. Sometimes it’s your first experience in the driver’s seat of a certain car or truck and you’ll automatically know whether you like it and can see yourself purchasing one. Don’t be surprised if you get let down with the cheap interior of what you thought was the vehicle you wanted. It happens. Or find love in the most comfortable passenger seat imaginable  with heating and cooling options in the SUV you’ve overlooked for years.

NAIAS11Concept cars are another thing you’ll see, and they’re one of my favorite things about the NAIAS. I love seeing the more futuristic designs and it’s really fun to imagine them on the roads. Here are a couple of my favorites from Subaru, Kia and Nissan.

NAIAS5NAIAS6NAIAS10The Subaru Impreza is my favorite of the three for sure. Such a sexy car! I love the headlights. The Kia looks fun and something you’d drive along the French Riviera. I’m pretty sure I have a nail polish that same color… The Nissan is exactly what I mean by futuristic.

Some years car companies are so off the mark with design, and in my opinion that was Chevrolet this year. It revealed the Bolt, a sibling to the Volt, and the new Cruze hatchback. Both, I thought, were eyesores. Check them out below, with the first photo being the Bolt and the second being the Cruze.

NAIAS3NAIAS7On the flip side of the coin, and after a few years of nothing special, Volvo (one of my favorites) showcased two beauties in the newly designed XC90 and the 2017 S90. I was pretty much drooling over the S90 and loved to sit inside and feel the luxury and comfort. And holy crap is it pretty!

NAIAS8NAIAS9Volvo also surprised me with a cross country version of the S60, which is a hatchback.

Trends this year focused on technology advances to keep the driver and other drivers safe, including sensors to detect objects in the road, automatic breaking and even autonomous driving. The other trend that really stuck out to me was interior color. After years of gray and black, camel and white interiors were popular and looked pretty sharp in most vehicles.

I apologize for the length of this post, but it’s impossible to write about without sufficient photographs! I hope you all enjoyed!


-Some photos taken by Justin McKee

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