O Christmas Tree: Holidays around the World

I love Christmas trees!

They are probably my favorite item to see around Christmas and I love checking out how others prepare and decorate their own. This weekend my other half and I were able to check out an event featuring nearly 30 beautiful Christmas trees.

MeijerGarden2Each year, the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids offers an exhibit called Christmas and Holiday Traditions Around the World. Much of the exhibit focuses on Christmas trees, each with ornaments and decorations which coincide with the country details specific to its culture.

You’re taken around the globe when you stop at each tree and admire the little items scattered throughout the green branches. There’s also a short paragraph on how and why the ornaments relate to the country.

MeijerGarden3MeijerGarden8I loved seeing the variety of decorations, the types of materials used and learning about the importance of each symbol. These trees were colorful, bright, cheerful and incredibly gorgeous.

This is my first time attending this exhibit, and I’m a bit mad I haven’t taken time to go before this! There were a lot of people enjoying it, too both children and adults.

MeijerGarden4MeijerGarden6It’s hard to choose a favorite tree, but I remember really liking the ones of Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Ireland. As you can see, these trees are jam packed with ornaments. I also loved the red and white poinsettias placed around the hallways.

MeijerGarden7MeijerGarden5Of course, Justin and I had to stop photographing the exhibit to fit in a selfie of us enjoying ourselves. Thank you, wide-angle lens. Enjoy my extra squinty eyes.

MeijerGarden1I’d definitely recommend this exhibit to others who enjoy a different look at Christmas. Although the trees were my favorite part, the other displays were very interesting and fun to see implemented in the main building. And on some days there are even reindeer and carolers!

Even when the holidays have passed, Frederik Meijer Gardens is an awesome place to check out. I especially love the new Japanese Garden which was installed this year! Make sure to put the Gardens on your “to do” list when you’re in Michigan.


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4 Responses to O Christmas Tree: Holidays around the World

  1. Martha says:

    Wonderful you were able to go & see the magnificent trees! Love your photos & blog about Meijer Gardens!! Definitely one of my favorite places for Christmas trees! And all year long for the beauty of the Gardens. We take the residents from the nursing home to Meijer Gardens each month, and the butterflies in Spring and the Christmas trees in December are always their favorites. Meijer Gardens has gifted our residents in being able to come visit monthly; such a blessing the Meijer family provides for these who would not otherwise be able to see, and such a blessing to have this in our community!

  2. Nancy Paine says:

    Karin, I found your blog from Google Images of Meijer Gardens Holiday Traditions. For your selfie, are standing in front of the tree that features 100 ornaments I made for their Slovak Republic tree! They ordered them from me in 2014. Such an honor! I hope to go see this event some year, but for now, I just look for posts online! Nancy

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