Ipsy Review — November 2015

IMG_0219_1It’s that time for another Ipsy review, where I show off each item within this month’s glam bag, which has the theme of “Beauty Blast.” This time around the bag is a pink and purple galaxy design, and to be honest the entire thing looks and feels like something you’d keep pencils and erasers in when you’re in elementary school.

Ipsy Details

The service is only $10 a month. Upon signing up, you fill out a brief beauty quiz about what types of makeup you love and would like to receive, your features (eye color, skin type, etc.) and what brands you’d like to try out. Many brands they list are common, but there are some I’ve never heard of.

You get billed the first of each month and your glam bag is sent in the middle of the month. Unlike Stitch Fix, where it allows you the option to schedule boxes at will, Ipsy automatically schedules one every month and you must cancel on your own when you want to stop receiving bags. You get to keep everything that comes in the bag.

Each month’s bag features different products and a different theme, but subscribers mostly receive the same or similar products each month. For example, my bag might be the same as someone else, or it might have a few of the same and a few different items inside.

Let’s check out November’s glam bag!

IMG_0222_1tre’StiQue — Mini Matte Lip Crayon in Chile Red

tre’StiQue is a new brand for me and I was happy to see a red lip crayon in my glam bag, even though upon application I found it’s a more warm shade than I usually purchase. The lip color is silky and was able to glide on my lips easily. And am I being too picky that I was annoyed the packaging showed me a pointed edge, but upon opening it was a rounded edge? I received a mini crayon, and a full-size will cost you $28.

IMG_0238_1Figs & Rouge — HA+ Hyaluronic Acid Hydra-Activ 3 in 1 Hero Hydration Cream

Figs & Rouge is a UK brand and this lotion is pretty basic, but that’s not saying it isn’t a nice cream. I really appreciate that it doesn’t have parabens or paraphens, and though it’s a touch runnier than I’m used to, it does not leave a greasy feeling. The packaging is cute, too, and this travel-size tube will fit nicely in a purse or even a roomy clutch. I would tell you the price of a full-size product, but when I found it on the company website (which didn’t offer the price) and clicked “purchase,” I got sent to the homepage with nothing in my cart. I tried!

IMG_0227_1Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics — Eye Shadow Primer

First off, let’s be frank. The packaging on this Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics product doesn’t make me think quality. This primer also has somewhat of a plastic smell and is quite watery, taking a while to dry. However, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! This primer kept my eye shadow in place all day without creasing. Giving this a thumbs up! A full-size product sells for $5.99 and it can be found at Rite Aid stores.

IMG_0226_2Be a Bombshell Cosmetics — Mechanical Eye Liner in Wild Child

I was a tad disappointed to see a mechanical eye liner in this bag. Don’t get me wrong; I love eye liner, but mechanical pencils are the worst. You can’t really sharpen them, so you’re always stuck with a dull end. I’ve also found they are more prone to breaking if dropped and you never get as much in a mechanical pencil than a regular pencil. This full-size liner by Be a Bombshell Cosmetics is called Wild Child, but skipping the fancy name, it’s just black. It retails for $14. This eyeliner has a nice application, but it’s not dark enough for my taste, even when layered, and it comes off very easily. I might use this as a quick way to touch up the cream liner I regularly use, but I don’t think it has the stuff for much more than that.

IMG_0236_1Smashbox Cosmetics — Full Exposure Mascara

Apart from nail polish, mascara is probably my favorite beauty product. I love having long, thicker, dark lashes and found a few brands like Benefit and Urban Decay offer just the mascara for the job. Smashbox Cosmetics is a brand I’ve always wanted to try, and I found I really loved this product. The brush was huge compared to the ones I’m used to, but it has great coverage and I believe it made my lashes look much fuller and longer than any drug store brand. I would certainly purchase this in the future or recommend it for someone looking to try something new! A full-size bottle of Full Exposure Mascara will run about $20.

IMG_0235_1Overall Thoughts

Besides the mascara, I kinda feel “meh” about this bag, and I’m a bit bummed I received a trial-size version of four of the five items. I do feel, however, that I will probably use each of them in some capacity, so at least I’m not throwing anything away.

I’m really debating not receiving further Ipsy glam bags after December. Honestly, after four months of bags, I don’t think this service is something you need to have every month. Makeup isn’t like clothes. Usually, once I find a makeup brand or product I like, I don’t change it. I do like trying and learning abut new products, but I feel I’m nearing the end of Ipsy’s worth.

What do you think? If you’re one of the people who love my Ipsy reviews and will be heartbroken to see them disappear, let me know.

OR what other subscription boxes would you like to see me review? I will take everything into consideration, but I do have to watch my budget. Send me some ideas!

If you want to try Ipsy for yourself, here’s a referral link you can use: https://www.ipsy.com/new?refer=ub1q2


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