What’s in Your Purse? Essentials for Every Handbag

Let’s talk handbag essentials! Ladies, I know you have items in that purse of yours which are always there, no matter what. I certainly do! Today, I’m revealing what those are and want to know what’s inside yours, too.

IMG_0160_1Sometimes my purse can be a catch-all, filled with items that get tossed inside out of convenience, and I’ve found the larger the purse the worse it gets. But you can be sure I’ll have certain things at the ready, especially during the cold Michigan months from November and April. All of these items (excluding three brand names pictured above) can be found at most drug and grocery stores. And funnily enough, they all either fit the category of “face” or “hands.”

Probably the number one thing I always need to have in my purse is a pack of tissues. I prefer Puffs with lotion, but in a pinch I’ll take anything. If I’m in the cold for any period of time and I am a lot thanks to my job my nose runs, and it’s extremely unattractive to keep sniffling, or worse, snot drips from a nostril. This convenient pack keeps me prepared. I buy them in bulk and I also keep a pack in my car, just in case I run out of those in my bag. SO handy!

The cold also wreaks havoc on your lips in winter, especially with the dry air. I keep my pucker soft using Blistex Deep Renewal, which has an anit-aging and sunscreen formula. SPF isn’t only important in the summertime! I love this lip balm’s smooth feel on my lips and the moisture it keeps locked in. Blistex keeps my kisses soft, which I’m sure my significant other appreciates, too! These tubes come in packs of three sometimes, which means I can make sure to always have one near.

Handbag Essentials2Let’s not forget the hands! Speaking of dry air, the cold and lack of humidity is harsh for the rest of your skin. My go-to hand cream is from Avon and it’s the Vita Moist version. Here’s the bad news, which I’m still crying over: they’ve somewhat discontinued it. I see it in the small tubes, which are holiday-themed, on Avon’s website, but I keep finding people who say it’s been discontinued, then hear someone else say it’s not available. I’m confused on which it is, but I’m going to hoard it if it’s still around. No joke. This is the best hand lotion! If anyone can confirm either way for me, I’ll send you a virtual hug!

Let’s say your hands are doing just fine, but you notice your nail beds aren’t looking so hot. Specifically your cuticles, which in my experience are prone to peeling and drying up. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream to the rescue! You might have noticed from the photo the design on the lid is a bit worn, and that’s because I use this a lot. It’s more like a balm than a cream and it really hydrates your cuticles while smelling absolutely wonderful and fresh. This stuff is particularly useful after you’ve just completed a fresh mani/pedi.

Handbag Essentials3Let’s move back to the mouth. You’ll never find me without at least one shade of lipstick in my bag, but I usually like to carry two different colors  my favorite red and a versatile berry shade  and a gloss. A quick touch-up on some lip color can do my pale skin wonders and make me look like part of the land of the living. If it’s not windy, throw some gloss on (there’s nothing worse than your hair sticking to your lips), or top it off with the Blistex lip balm. Perfect.

A small compact is one of the smartest things us ladies can carry with us. Makeup check? Teeth check? Need to apply that lipstick? Done and done. These are very cheap and found at dollar stores.

Handbag Essentials4Last but not least, you definitely want to make sure whatever you ate for lunch isn’t left over on your breath, especially if your job requires you to talk to a lot of people in person. To freshen up, I pop a piece of Mentos Pure Fresh Gum in either spearmint or peppermint. I love this gum because of its crunchy outside, the fresh mint taste that hits you right away, and its lasting flavor. The only complaint I have is the lack of a wrapper to dispose of the gum later, but it’s still my favorite!


The great thing about all of these items, besides how useful they all are, is their size. Each one is easily to fit into a normal size purse or bag, leaving you with more room for your wallet, checkbook, phone, etc.

Other than these essentials, I always carry a pen and few business cards (it goes along with the territory of being a journalist), and often will throw a stain remover wipe, hand sanitizer and a feminine pad in one of the pockets for emergency situations.

What do you have to carry in your purse at all times? Do those items change with the seasons? Leave me some comments!


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  1. jacheree says:

    My purse is full of handy things I just can’t seem to part with! Chapstick and two lipsticks (I have UMPTEEN other lipsticks, but I keep them at home and only bring them if I feel like wearing that particular color that day), hand lotion, gum, a pen, nail kit and separate nail file/buffer, small perfume, small notebook, eye drops, headache medicine, acne spot treatment, under eye roller, comb, hair clips and hair ties, cuticle oil, vitamins, allergy meds, and a wallet full of coupons and various membership/loyalty cards. 🙂 I’m ready for almost anything!

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