Stitch Fix Review — November 2015

Stitch FixIt’s still really hard to believe it’s November already! To be honest, this whole week has thrown me off because Daylight Saving Time has ended and it gets dark so early, but I’m glad I have Stitch Fix to come to my rescue and brighten my mood!

Since this is the 7th Stitch Fix review I’ve posted on my blog, I’ll skip the details about what the service entails. If you’re just learning or need a recap, visit one of my other Stitch Fix reviews on this site, located in the tab under the banner at the top of this blog.

One thing I love about Stitch Fix is they send me clothing items I never would have chosen myself. This helps me really nail down my style and learn to have an open mind when trying on a piece I may not like at first glance. It’s a great way to break out of your box and try various fits, fabrics, necklines, hemlines, shapes and genres of clothing!

For those of you already thinking of Christmas gifts, Stitch Fix is a fantastic idea! Giving your family members or friends a gift card toward their first (or 5th or 10th) Fix is basically giving them a step toward a fun, easy, customized shopping experience. And who doesn’t love receiving packages at their doorstep, am I right? It’s the most convenient way to shop for the busy holiday season and you don’t even have to leave your home. Click the photo below to order!

Stitch Fix HolidayHere’s some news! Did you know Stitch Fix has an app for iPhones now? YES! Once I found out I downloaded that baby right away, and let me say it’s fantastic. It’s incredibly user friendly and you can update your Style Profile, track your box once it has shipped, and it even shows you some of the exact items you’ll be getting in your “sneak peek.” You can use it to check out, too!

It also allows you to upload a photo of yourself for your stylist to see your body shape. I’m addicted to this app and I’m so happy it’s available. Download it here. Unfortunately for Android users, it’s not available yet, but I’m sure they’re working on it!

Stitch AppSo if you remember last month, I requested a different stylist from the one I had since April. This time, Stitch Fix matched me with Kimberley. To help give her some guidance, I updated my Pinterest board with new fashion ideas, asked her to send cozy items to keep me warm in Michigan winters, asked for the same pair of jeans I received last month in a different color, and suggested using my previous feedback for hints about what I liked/didn’t like.

Check out what she sent!

Loveappella — Tris Dress; Small/Petite; $64

(Photos by Justin McKee)

(Photos by Justin McKee)

This is a really cute dress. I really like the small navy and white stripes because they don’t make me look wider, and I like how the sleeves are longer. However, once I put it on and looked in the mirror, I didn’t like anything from the waist down. The ruching hits me at the wrong spot on my hips, the length was a bit too long and it’s too clingy for my taste. No matter what, this dress never looked flattering on me in photos! This will have to be returned.

H&C Collection — Buehler Lace Detail Knit Top; Extra Small; $54

H&C Collection — Buehler Lace Detail Knit TopI loved this top when I held it up out of the box. The color is fantastic, I’m happy it’s long-sleeved, and I really like the lace detail on the bottom and around the arms. It’s thinner, but it looks really nice under a blazer or cardigan. It’s also a top I can dress up or down. It’s a keeper!

41 Hawthorn — Nashik Textured Moto Jacket; Extra Small; $74

41 Hawthorn — Nashik Textured Moto JacketI’m so happy this jacket was in my box because it will keep me so warm during the winter! It’s a thick, comfortable knit that fits snugly and it has great zipper detailing that adds a touch of edge. It’s a great alternative from a bulky winter jacket when I won’t be outside for long periods of time and it can take me from fall to spring! As you can see, I placed it over the H&C Collection top from above. This jacket is super stylish and a great piece to add to my wardrobe! I can’t say no to it!

Market & Spruce — Pacci Cowl Neck Sweater; Extra Small; $78

Market & Spruce — Pacci Cowl Neck SweaterThis is a great basic, casual sweater. I like the style and it was very cozy with a thick knit fabric that was quite heavy. It didn’t look bad on me, either! It made me feel ready for a mug of hot cocoa. But I thought the color was a bit bland and I didn’t care for how the neck was laying. For the price as high as it is, I have to say no.

Level 99 — Giovanni Straight Leg Jean; Size 4/Petite; $98

Level 99 — Giovanni Straight Leg JeanLevel 99 — Giovanni Straight Leg JeanAs I said last month, I hated returning the forest green Level 99 Jeans they sent! I loved them, but couldn’t find much in my closet that worked with them. I still have regrets about not purchasing them. However, Kimberley sent another pair like I requested! They’re like a marsala color, and (I will admit) although I like last month’s color better, these jeans go well with a lot more in my closet. I tried them on with black, navy, gray, olive green and brown, and liked it all. These are a definite yes!

Overall Thoughts

I think Kimberley nailed this box. Even though I didn’t purchase everything, I feel like she took the time to grasp what I liked and didn’t. In her note, she mentioned she was very careful to look at my blog, Pinterest page, and prior feedback to choose pieces she thought I would love. She also mentioned specific reasons why she sent some items, which I appreciate because it makes me feel she actually read every word in my note and Style Profile.

THIS is what I think the Stitch Fix experience should be like, especially after receiving so many boxes. I’m definitely keeping Kimberley. She helped me feel excited about the service again and I hope she takes as much time in the future when styling me! I’d much rather have a box where I’m torn on what to purchase than one where I’m struggling to figure out what to buy just to keep my styling fee.

What did you think of Kimberley’s picks for me? Which item was your favorite? Leave me some comments and let me know! And don’t forget, I upload every Stitch Fix item to Pinterest so you can Pin them, too!

If you’re interested in trying out Stitch Fix, click on the banner below and schedule your first box! By doing so and receiving your first box, you’ll help me earn money off my next Fix!


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  1. momovig says:

    Love, love, love the jeans!!! I have been asking for something like this and hoping they send me them in my December fix. And that jacket is to DIE for!! Great choices!!

  2. Nicole says:

    That jacket is so awesome!

  3. Kerri says:

    I shared your review on Stitch Fix Reviews today –

  4. Stacie says:

    Such a great fix! I have the same issue as you in that grey, if too light, is kind of blah on me. BUT, what is that magical owl necklace you have? I would love something like that!

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