Counting Down to 30: Introduction

Countdown Banner Nov. 5I’m learning to deal with it. My final year in the roaring 20s is half over. On April 30, 2016, I will be celebrating my Golden Birthday.

I used to think, “So what? It’s not a big deal.” That was when I was 25. Sure enough, my birthday’s looming presence is very much apparent.

As I get older, and especially throughout this year, topics have entered my mind that correlate with turning 30 and beginning a new decade of life. As one does, I’ve grown a tremendous amount in my 20s — especially in the latter half — and I’m looking to explore those topics more in my own head.

(Photo by Justin McKee)

(Photo by Justin McKee)

Then an idea for a blog series took form. Once a month, for the next six months, I will write a post concerning a topic which associates with the benchmark. As you read in the headline above, each of those posts will begin with “Counting Down to 30.” I’ll also begin using #countingdownto30 in my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts so this series is not only easy to find, but also carries the theme in a wider venue. Please use it with me if you’d like!

Before I begin these posts, I implore you: don’t get me wrong or take this series the wrong way. I’m not acting like the world is going to end! I’m not looking for advice, either, unless for some reason I specifically say I am. Don’t send me comments telling me not to freak out, that 30 isn’t so bad, or I should wait until I hit 39/49/etc. Instead, maybe start some good discussion in comments after each post relating to it! Now there’s an idea.  Feel free to explore my topics with me!

Expect my first post of Counting Down to 30 sometime this month. Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoy!


*Time clock graphic designed by Justin McKee

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2 Responses to Counting Down to 30: Introduction

  1. jacheree says:

    30 happens next year for me as well, and so far it’s just weird. 🙂 I don’t feel like an adult! Sometimes I’ll catch myself thinking, “I live on my own, have a full-time job I enjoy, have a nice little car, and I’m 29… am I an adult right now?!” HaHa! I think that when I’m 40 and have a couple of little ones in the backseat I’ll have moments of panic–I just imagine looking into the rearview mirror and seeing my kids and thinking, “Holy crap I’m a MOM and I’m responsible for tiny humans…!” 🙂

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