Falling for Michigan’s apple season

(Photos by Justin McKee)

(Photos by Justin McKee)

Most have heard of the Washington apple, and no, I don’t mean the drink! However, did you realize apples also are a staple crop in Michigan? This state produces at least 15 varieties of apples which are sweet, crisp, tart, juicy and ready for baking or eating straight off the tree.

Now is the perfect time for the apple harvest! It’s a popular tradition and past time for families and individuals both young and old to visit a local orchard and pick their own. I remember as a child taking a tour of an orchard with my elementary school class, walking through rows of trees searching for the perfect apples to pick while crunching on one, of course seeing the process of how apple cider is made, and enjoying a cup, hot or cold.

The activity is one that definitely means it’s fall in Michigan, and I love it.

Apples6To enjoy possibly one of the few nice days we have left during the fall season, my other half and I traveled to my personal favorite orchard, Klackle Orchards, for some fun. We enjoyed a wagon ride out to a section of the orchard where we could pick 1/4 of a peck of Fuji and Braeburn apples.

It was so relaxing walking through the trees, enjoying the warmer than usual day. There were apples of all sizes all over the trees and it didn’t take us long to fill our small bags. The fruit was ripe and inviting. They even smelled delicious!

Apples3 Apples4I won’t take too much time here, but Kackle is awesome. It’s packed with activity, especially for children who love petting zoos, bounce houses, games, and a carousel, and it offers acres of apple trees ripe for the picking, many pumpkin patches perfect for the most creative Jack-O-Lantern, and of course, dozens of photo ops. In addition, its gift shop is expansive, offering bags and bags of fresh apples, gallons of cider, rows of apple, pumpkin and pecan pies, gift items, spreads, jams, coffee, fudge and more.

Apples5The BEST thing they sell, however, are doughnuts. They’re baked fresh on site, and you can watch them being made while you wait in line to purchase some at the counter. I’m not typically a doughnut person, but put these in front of me, and I will devour them all. My personal favorites are the apple crisp flavor. Of course, we had to get some. And by some, I mean a dozen!

Apples1If you’re able, make sure you get out to an apple orchard while you still can. Now the only question is…what do I make with the apples? I have some ideas!


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